• Smartwatch Could Reduce Fallout From False-Positive AFib Readouts

    Clinical Research News | A clinical-grade smartwatch does a good job of detecting possible atrial fibrillation (AFib), which could fill the need for a noninvasive option for monitoring patients for more than 30 days. Current available electrocardiography (ECG) technologies, such as Holter monitors and wearable event recorders, are both more time-limited and resource-intensive.

    Feb 1, 2024
  • Illumina Ventures Labs Now Operational, Personalized Medicine Coalition Releases 2024 Plans, Imagine Pharma Forms the Imagine Pharma Foundation, Collaborations, More

    Diagnostics World | Illumina Ventures Labs is now operational and finalizing agreements with several startup companies; the Personalized Medicine Coalition has released their Strategic Plan for Advancing Personalized Medicine in 2024; Imagine Pharma announced the formation of The Imagine Pharma Foundation, a private not for profit charitable organization dedicated to advancing metabolic research to significantly impact the lives of those affected by diabetes, with a particular emphasis on serving veterans; several collaborations and partnerships have been formed to tackle trials, studies, and research; more.

    Jan 31, 2024
  • Follow the Money: Most Extensive Liver Cirrhosis Study Funded, Expanded Biomedical Research Program, Antibody Development, More

    Clinical Research News | Newcastle University, University of Edinburgh, and Boehringer Ingelheim have received funding to begin the most extensive clinical study into liver cirrhosis ever; the University of New England has received an award from the National Institutes of Health to support an Institutional Development Award Center of Biomedical Research Excellence to be named the UNE Center for Cell Signaling Research; Oxitope Pharma and Arxx Therapeutics have merged to form Calluna Pharma Inc. (Calluna) and intend to work on a pipeline of selective antibodies that target inflammatory and fibrotic indications; more.

    Jan 30, 2024