• Follow the Money: Regenerative Medicine, Oral Delivery, Therapeutics, DNA Platform for Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cancer Therapy Research

    Nov 30 | Clinical Research News | Imagine Pharma plans to advance the company’s priority programs in regenerative medicine, oral delivery, and therapeutics; Aqtual will expand its platform that evaluates protein regulation, epigenetics, and transcriptomics; the Department of Immunology and Immunotherapy and the Icahn Genomics Institute at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai have been awarded a grant to advance cancer therapy research; more. More
  • Greenphire, Florence Healthcare Partnership; Oxford Nanopore Collaborations To Develop Data Tech; University Of Texas Launches Oncology Institute

    Nov 29 | Clinical Research News | Greenphire and Florence Healthcare teams up to integrate their software solutions to help sites get paid quicker; Oxford Nanopore Technologies collaborates with Fabric Genomics and Sapehtor to develop data technology; The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center launches its Institute for Data Science in Oncology (IDSO) to help improve patients’ lives by transforming cancer care and research; more. More
  • SCOPE 2024 To Feature First-Ever Start Up Pitch Competition

    Nov 28 | Clinical Research News | The first-ever Clinical Trial Tech: Start Up Pitch Contest will be held on Feb. 12, 2024, in conjunction with the annual Summit for Clinical Ops Executives (SCOPE) in Orlando, Florida. Emerging clinical trial companies with less than $10 million in funding and a groundbreaking product are invited to apply for further investment by Dec. 15. More
  • The Importance of Diversity in Clinical Trials: A Comprehensive Analysis

    Nov 21 | Clinical Research News | Clinical trials are pivotal in propelling medical research forward and enhancing the quality of patient care. Yet, for an extended period, a conspicuous absence of diversity within clinical trial participants has been observed, leading to the underrepresentation of specific demographics and the possible emergence of healthcare disparities. More
  • Osteoarthitis: It’s Time to Spark Regeneration Innovation

    Nov 17 | Clinical Research News | Organ regeneration is not a new idea. After creating humans and giving us knowledge, Prometheus was doomed to regenerate his own liver every day to feed Zeus’ pernicious eagle. Osteoarthritis (OA) predates Prometheus; paleontologists have dug up dinosaurs with bad hips. More
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