• How Multifactor Authentication Helps Keep Patient Data Private During a Pandemic

    Jun 03 | Clinical Research News Contributed Commentary | Whether you are a doctor or a patient, the last thing that’s likely on anyone’s mind during a pandemic is data privacy. But just because the economy and our social lives are pretty much on hold because of COVID-19, that doesn’t mean healthcare privacy can afford to be. More
  • Researchers Continue Treating Patients Amid Pandemic, Other COVID-19 News

    May 29 | Clinical Research News | This week saw the clinical research community make a concerted effort to continue treating patients amid the COVID-19 pandemic. And in the meantime, COVID-19 related research is still in progress. More
  • Research Ethics Knocked Sideways By The Pandemic

    May 28 | Clinical Research News | Researchers are accustomed to having their ideas held up to scientific scrutiny, and testing and building on each other’s work, because that’s what moves the field toward more accurate explanations for problems and probable solutions. But the academic banter has largely devolved into discourses at the extremes during the current pandemic. More
  • NHS, Deep Lens, SDL, And More: News From May 2020

    May 27 | Clinical Research News | May was full of exciting news in the clinical trial and healthcare community, including partnerships, products, and promotions from NHS, Deep Lens, SDL, and more. More
  • Study Finds Not Enough Women, Older Adults In Cholesterol Trials

    May 26 | Clinical Research News Brief | After analyzing the trends in the types of 485,409 people enrolled in 60 studies from 1990 to 2018, Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers report that, although some progress has been made, women and older adults are still vastly underrepresented in lipid lowering therapy trials compared with their disease burden. More
  • Trials Reveal New Understanding of COVID-19, And Other News

    May 22 | Clinical Research News | Researchers have found that COVID-19 patients have a high predisposition to developing blood clots. Elsewhere, teams develop a COVID-19 trial finder. We round up the week’s research and industry news for COVID-19. More
  • Insights From COVID-19 Studies, And Other News

    May 15 | Clinical Research News | New evidence may explain why men are more vulnerable to COVID-19 than women. An association between low average levels of vitamin D and high numbers of COVID-19 cases, and more. We round up the week’s research and industry news for COVID-19. More
  • FDA Guidance: Q+A on Clinical Trial Operations Amidst COVID-19

    May 13 | Clinical Research News Contributed Commentary | The Food and Drug Administration, like everyone one in American society today, is having to adapt its oversight and enforcement of clinical studies to be more flexible while still protecting the safety and rights of study participants and staff. This is clearly harder than it sounds. More
  • COVID-19 And Cancer: Global Snapshot of Patient Experiences

    May 12 | Clinical Research News | Oncology specialists working in pandemic hot spots around the world shared their experiences in treating COVID-19 infection in patients with cancer at the virtually held 2020 annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research. More
  • Virtual Trial Now Enrolling To Exploring Immune Response to COVID-19

    May 11 | Clinical Research News | Adaptive Biotechnologies, in partnership with Microsoft, has begun enrolling a virtual clinical study, ImmuneRACE, to rapidly map and measure the immune response to the COVID-19 virus. More
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