• Sanofi Reaping Rewards Of Site- And Patient-Centric Clinical Development

    Apr 14 | Clinical Research News | Sanofi has succeeded in accelerating its clinical development timeline year over year, in large part by viewing patients as customers and key opinion leaders (KOLs), according to Victoria DiBiaso, vice president and regional head of the clinical studies unit in Asia Pacific, Eurasia, Middle East, and Africa. “What that means for patients is that we are developing meaningful healthcare solutions that are addressing unmet needs and we are doing it faster.” More
  • Patient Driven-Data: The Key to Improving the Health Ecosystem

    Apr 13 | Clinical Research News | What are the benefits of Personal Health Records (PHRs) are, not just to patients, but to the wider health system? The most straightforward answer is this: patients who are engaged in their healthcare and understand their condition have better health outcomes. PHRs have a vital role to play in patient empowerment, effective clinical trials, and preventative and precision medicine around the world. More
  • Addressing Social Determinants Of Health To Improve Clinical Trial Diversity

    Apr 09 | Clinical Research News | Health equality does not assure health equity, where the focus is on fixing root problems so access to tools and resources is possible across populations, according to Laurie Myers, global health literacy director at Merck. More
  • Pharma Needs To Better Understand Patients In Their Lived Environments

    Apr 08 | Clinical Research News | Social and behavioral science is critical to the generation of real-world evidence (RWE) that reflects the patient perspective, according to Emily Freeman, Ph.D., senior director of patient insights in global R&D at Lundbeck Pharmaceuticals, and generating that evidence requires more multi-disciplinary expertise than is currently being brought to the table. More
  • At Janssen, Data Analytics Is Pivotal To Trial Success

    Apr 07 | Clinical Research News | Janssen is using two homegrown data analytics solutions at scale to optimize clinical trials, enabling internal teams to solve real use cases embedded in the development process. The company is infusing real-world data (RWD) and data science into long-established processes to increase the operational success of trials and minimize patient burden. More
  • Leading After the Pandemic: Strategies to Guide the Future of Clinical Research

    Apr 06 | Clinical Research News | A COVID-19 vaccine in one year is no small feat! What made it possible was the industry coming together in unprecedented ways and operating with a sense of urgency, spurring global cooperation for vaccine research, innovation, and distribution. We need to maintain this momentum at this critical junction, strengthen partnerships, and apply our learnings and knowledge to optimize clinical trials and accelerate the drug development process. More
  • Follow the Money: Remote Patient Monitoring, Real-World Data Networks, Trial Diversity

    Apr 01 | Clinical Research News | PatientsLikeMe raises a new round of funding to expand, and several companies get investments for remote patient monitoring and medication adherence. Mount Sinai leads team tasked with decreasing the disparities in cancer trials. And new investment funds for late-stage companies and public health. More
  • How Cerevel Therapeutics Put Hybrid Trials Into Practice

    Mar 31 | Clinical Research News | Cerevel Therapeutics is looking at new studies in a different way after test-driving an assortment of virtual trial options when the pandemic hit. Remote site initiation visits and remote monitoring will be permanent fixtures moving forward, and the incorporation of home health visits also appears promising, according to Laura Whitmore, director of clinical operations oversight More
  • Interest Brewing In A One-Stop Platform For Trial Participants

    Mar 30 | Clinical Research News | A panel discussion on the move toward “platform thinking” in pharma roused lively discussion and exchange with attendees at the recent Summit for Clinical Ops Executives (SCOPE). Interest was particularly high in development of a common platform catering to the needs of patients and disconnected from any drug, protocol, or sponsor. More
  • Takeda Using Chatbot To Improve Patient-Centricity And Trial Design

    Mar 29 | Clinical Research News | Takeda Pharmaceuticals has developed a digital chatbot assistant to provide integrated and continuous support for patients with chronic diseases at risk of serious event occurrences and frequent emergency room visits. The learnings are expected to help clinical trials become more patient-centric and less labor-intensive to conduct. More
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