• Digital Medication Adherence enables Data-Guided Feedback and Patient-Centred Clinical Trials

    Jun 17 | Clinical Research News | While medication adherence has long been a measure of engagement with treatment in the healthcare setting, the metric has not, so far, been translated into the sphere of clinical research. It is time to embrace the combined power of digital health, smart devices and packaging, and data science to finally understand medication adherence, and use that knowledge to support participation in clinical trials. More
  • Gamifying Vision: How Mobile Gaming Is Tracking Vision Degradation in Patients

    Jun 16 | Clinical Research News | Tilak Healthcare aims to combine video games with medical expertise so that the same vision monitoring tools that are reliable and useful for doctors will be playful and fun for users. If Tilak can achieve that, the company tools will be “sticky” enough to have a longstanding impact on the healthcare process for patients. More
  • The Intersection of Real-World Data and Machine Learning for Clinical Research

    Jun 15 | Clinical Research News | Personalized medicine—as we use the term today—offers the promise of tailor-made treatment strategies for individual patients, but really personalized medicine is nothing new, said Jose-Felipe Golib-Dzib, project lead at Janssen R&D. More
  • Marking Our Agendas: SCOPE’s Clinical Research Leadership Forum

    Jun 14 | Clinical Research News | Next month, the team behind SCOPE is launching a two-day leadership forum on clinical research. The event brings together an international group of clinical research innovators, trial designers, clin ops leaders, R&D heads and technologists to have real conversations about leadership in the rapidly changing world of clinical research. More
  • Electronic Health Record Well Suited For Pragmatic Clinical Trials

    Jun 10 | Clinical Research News | A pair of clinical trials implemented through the Epic electronic health record (EHR) system were highlighted during a keynote address at the recent Colorado Pragmatic Research in Health Conference. More
  • Researchers Pragmatically Tapping Secondary Data Sources

    Jun 09 | Clinical Research News | The benefits and challenges of leveraging secondary data for pragmatic research is growing based on to the reality that it takes 17 years for only 14% of research to translate into practice. More
  • The Practicalities Of Real-World Pragmatic Research

    Jun 08 | Clinical Research News | The “explanatory-pragmatic continuum” was a major theme at this year’s Colorado Pragmatic Research in Health Conference. Speakers discussed the distinction between traditional clinical trials measuring efficacy of a drug in support of policy decisions and pragmatic ones looking at the effectiveness of interventions designed primarily to change the behavior of healthcare providers and patients. More
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