• American Clinical Research Services Acquires Elixia, Oxford BioDynamics, King’s College London Collaborate, Recursion’s Supercomputer Ranked, More

    May 29 | Clinical Research News | American Clinical Research Services has acquired Elixia; Oxford BioDynamics and King's College London are teaming up in the immediate follow up of the APIPPRA trial, the largest RA prevention trial to date; Recursion’s BioHive-2 was dubbed No. 35 on the latest TOP500 list of the world’s fastest supercomputers; more. More
  • Follow the Money: Blackstone Launches Portfolio Company, PCORI Approves Funds for CER Studies, Funds Gifted for Alzheimer’s Research, More

    May 28 | Clinical Research News | Blackstone launches the Blackstone Life Sciences portfolio company Uniquity Bio, a clinical-stage drug development company focused on immunology and inflammation; the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute secures approval of funding awards to support new patient-centered comparative clinical effectiveness research studies; Laurence Belfer gifts funds to the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center to strengthen neurodegeneration research through the Belfer Neurodegeneration Consortium, a transformative multi-institutional initiative to advance the study and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease; more. More
  • The Risk-Based Data Management (RBDM) Revolution

    May 24 | Clinical Research News | The clinical trials landscape is evolving with more data, increased investment in personalized medicines and a shift toward decentralized and hybrid clinical trials. At the same time, the industry is attempting to become more efficient and harness new technologies and data science in operations. More
  • Pan-RAS Inhibitor Offers Hope of Improved Pancreatic Cancer Prognosis

    May 22 | Clinical Research News | A consortium of pancreatic cancer researchers sharing information in real time has shown that an oral pan-RAS inhibitor known as RMC-7977, developed by Revolution Medicines, effectively targets the common cancer-causing RAS proteins while minimally impacting normal cells—and did so across a comprehensive range of preclinical models in a series of similar experiments. More
  • Brain Stimulation Device Could Make Precision Mental Health A Reality

    May 21 | Clinical Research News | In the not-too-distant future, disorders of the brain could be treated with the same precision as heart disease and cancer. The means will be a therapeutic brain-computer interface (BCI) the size of a small blueberry for people suffering from treatment-resistant depression that uses a similar type of implant technology as Elon Musk’s Neuralink for helping paralyzed people speak. More
  • Challenges Facing Cell & Gene Therapy Clinical Trials

    May 17 | Clinical Research News | Clinical trials are the bedrock for developing advanced treatments within the life-saving field of cell and gene therapy. Despite significant strides, these trials encounter multi-faceted challenges that threaten to impede the progress of important new therapies. More
  • Clinical Trial Underway for New-and-Improved Prostate Cancer Test

    May 14 | Clinical Research News | Researchers at the University of Michigan (U-M) have developed a urine test for prostate cancer known as MyProstateScore 2.0 (MPS2), now a property of spinoff LynxDx, which they expect to significantly improve upon the performance of existing assays by focusing on clinically significant cancers and capturing more biomarkers in a single test. More
  • How Patient-Mediated Research Can Disrupt Life Sciences

    May 10 | Clinical Research News | The life science industry is changing. There are growing calls for real-world evidence (RWE) and feedback from patients (PROs). Rare diseases are growing in importance, and there is increasing recognition of equity as an ethical and drug-efficacy necessity. More
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