• Janssen, Apple Launch Virtual Randomized Heart Trial

    Jan 28 | Clinical Research News | A virtual randomized trial launching this month will investigate whether a collaboration between a new heart health app, a medication adherence program, and an Apple Watch can accelerate the diagnosis of cardiovascular events, increase healthful lifestyles, and decrease strokes and death rates, all at one percent the cost of traditional clinical trials. More
  • New Clinical Trial Models Make Studies An Option For More People

    Jan 22 | Clinical Research News | The advent of precision medicine, marked by the need to recruit relatively rare cohorts of patients into studies, has ignited interest in new, more efficient models of clinical development ranging from “just-in-time” rapid enrollment to trials requiring no sites at all, according to Gaurav Singal, chief data officer at molecular insights company Foundation Medicine. More
  • Waving A Magic Wand To Fix Clinical Trial Challenges

    Jan 21 | Clinical Research News | Jane Myles discusses the challenges in clinical trials today, and how things might change over time. More
  • Promising Developments in the War Against TB

    Jan 20 | Clinical Research News | The latest Global Tuberculosis Report, released by the WHO in October 2019, contains both good and bad news. On the bright side, thanks largely to improved detection and diagnosis, more people than ever before received life-saving treatment for TB and there were fewer deaths. The number of new cases has also been on a steady decline. More
  • Improving Care with Lessons from Search Engine Technology

    Jan 16 | Clinical Research News Contributed Commentary | Type “Fast Food” into Google, and without scrolling you’ll likely find the answers to any fast food-related question you could possibly want to know. Considering the billions of search results that could appear, how does Google know to show you exactly what you’re looking for? More
  • Missing Data On ClinicalTrials.gov Shows Failure Of Research Culture

    Jan 14 | Clinical Research News Brief| Science Magazine breaks down which institutions are putting data into ClinicalTrials.gov, which aren't, and what this means for clinical research. More
  • Transformational Change To The Supply Chain

    Jan 10 | Clinical Research News | When it comes to improving supply chain, thinking big is the only way to enable transformational change. More
  • Top 10 Stories Of 2019: Right-Sizing Site Selection, CRF Bracket Relaunch, And More

    Jan 09 | Clinical Research News | As we head into 2020, we at Clinical Research News would like to take a moment and reflect on the achievements from this past year. In that spirit, here are the top 10 stories of 2019, ranked in order of popularity. More
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