• Pistoia Alliance Works to Mine RWD From Social Media

    Nov 22 | Clinical Research News | The Pistoia Alliance has launched a new Community of Experts (CoE) to harness real-world data from social media. The CoE aims to develop best practices and guidelines to use social media analysis as real-world data for patient-focused drug development. More
  • Vivli To Expand Due To New Data-Sharing Policy Affecting NIH-Funded Research

    Nov 16 | Clinical Research News | There is little doubt about the “data magnetism” of Vivli, an open-access, data-sharing platform integrating clinical trial data contributed by biopharmaceutical sponsors, academic institutions, and nonprofit foundations around the world. Vivli was created as a generalist repository in 2018 and since then has driven 126 new research findings—all publicly disclosed, primarily in the peer-reviewed literature. More
  • Social Determinants Of Health Data Help Identify Sites For Trials

    Nov 15 | Clinical Research News | The movement toward decentralized clinical trials isn’t the only emerging trend that could help bump up clinical trial diversity. So, too, could the use of social determinants of health insights to better choose the sites and investigators most likely to enroll underrepresented individuals. More
  • Five Ways to Minimize Drug Development Costs

    Nov 11 | Clinical Research News | The worldwide population is aging, and the prevalence of many diseases is on the rise, making rapid drug discovery and approval ever more critical. However, the cost of bringing a new drug to market is substantial. Using newer technologies, drug companies may be able to reduce costs associated with development and ultimately enhance their odds of successful approvals by improving the efficiency of clinical trials. More
  • Open-Source Platform Matches Cancer Patients to Precision Medicine Trials

    Nov 09 | Clinical Research News | An open-source computer platform developed at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute is adding ease and speed to the process of matching cancer patients to trials of therapies targeting genomic alterations. The matching tool, which links individual clinical and genomic information to trial eligibility data in real time, is designed to help overcome the stubbornly low precision medicine trial participation rate despite more common use of genomic profiling. More
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