• COVID-19: A Catalyst For Innovation In Clinical Research?

    Apr 02 | Clinical Research News | The reality of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has presented numerous challenges for society—and these challenges extend to clinical research as well. More
  • Pfizer’s Former Head Of Clinical Innovation Creates Trial Continuity Website In Light Of COVID-19

    Apr 01 | Clinical Research News | The COVID-19 pandemic has left both pharmaceutical companies and researchers scrambling for continuity as clinical trials continue. Looking to create a concise resource to support teams continuing their work, Craig Lipset helped develop Coronatrials.org, a site for researchers to find support in trial continuity, ranging from remote medication adherence and remote clinical monitoring to decentralized trial technology providers. More
  • Veeva, Celsion, WCG, And More: News From March 2020

    Mar 31 | Clinical Research News | March was full of exciting news in the clinical trial and healthcare community, including partnerships, products, and promotions from Veeva, Celsion, WCG, and more. More
  • Many Matters of Time For Circadian Rhythm Research

    Mar 30 | Clinical Research News | Growing appreciation in the research community about the impact of when we sleep, eat, and take our medicines has resulted in more interventional clinical trials aimed at correcting disturbances in the body’s complex of circadian clocks. It’s difficult work with potentially far-reaching implications for everything from losing weight and preventing preterm births to treating diabetes and prolonging survival from devastating cancers. More
  • Why the Clinical Trial Industry Needs Dynamic and Inclusive Marketplaces

    Mar 27 | Clinical Research News | Over the past decade, digital marketplaces have emerged as a transformative business model. It’s time to reinvent the expensive, inefficient and biased clinical trial process; maybe marketplaces are the answer. More
  • WHO Malaria Vaccine ‘Rollout’ In Africa Raises Ethical Questions

    Mar 26 | Clinical Research News | The large-scale Malaria Vaccine Implementation Programme (MVIP) of the World Health Organization (WHO) has ignited debate within the bioethics community about whether it is really a cluster randomization study that has seriously breached international ethical standards by failing to obtain informed consent from the parents of children opting for vaccination. More
  • Using Digital Health Technology to Address Payer Concerns About Data Capture

    Mar 26 | Clinical Research News Contributed Commentary | In recent years, several pharmaceutical companies have shifted their research and development to target personalized medicines including novel cell and gene therapies, many of which offer the prospect of first-time treatments and even curative benefit for patients. While these therapies represent important and historic advances in medicine, they also require regulators, healthcare providers (HCPs), payers, and manufacturers to consider new value-based care principles and payment models to enable their commercialization and affordability. More
  • Working Out Treatment Timing

    Mar 25 | Clinical Research News | People who have erratic schedules seem to suffer more with many diseases, including certain cancers, and women with irregular sleep-wake patterns are also at heightened risk for preterm birth, says Erik Herzog, a neuroscientist and professor at Washington University as well as president of the Society for Research on Biological Rhythms (SRBR). Working with OB-GYN researchers at Washington University, his lab found similar and reliable changes in the daily rhythms of both women and mice during pregnancy. More
  • Researchers Puzzling Over The Body’s Rhythmicity

    Mar 24 | Clinical Research News | Circadian medicine gained newfound attention in 2017 when three scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine for their discovery of the molecular mechanisms controlling how time is measured in biological systems. But the backstory on the field goes back decades, including the 1997 discovery and cloning of the first circadian clock gene in mammals. More
  • Clinical Data Sharing for AI: Proposed Framework Could Rouse Debate

    Mar 24 | Clinical Research News | A group of doctors from Stanford University has proposed a framework for sharing clinical data for artificial intelligence (AI) that could set off a firestorm of debate about who truly owns medical data, ethical obligations to share it, and how to properly police researchers who use it. On the other hand, the envisioned approach has parallels to the open science tactics currently being uniformly deployed to battle the COVID-19 pandemic. More
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