• Strep A Surveillance Protocols To Accelerate Vaccine Development Efforts

    Clinical Research News | Best practice surveillance protocols for seven diseases caused by group A Streptococcus (strep A) were recently released, and public health researchers are now actively working to identify several key sentinel sites to implement them. Harmonizing case definitions and the surveillance methodologies is a key step in accelerating development of a safe, effective, and affordable strep A vaccine to prevent these diseases.

    Nov 2, 2022
  • Janssen’s Jason LaRoche on Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions and the Environmental Impact of Clinical Trials

    Clinical Research News | Various stakeholders across the clinical trial enterprise are launching an initiative to reduce the environmental impact of clinical research. Jason LaRoche, Director of Clinical Innovation at Janssen Pharmaceuticals, stands at the helm of this ambitious project, aiming to quantify clinical trial greenhouse gas emissions and drastically reduce the adverse downstream effects of research operations.

    Nov 1, 2022