• Innovation Opportunities in Vendor Selection and Partnerships

    Clinical Research News | In clinical research, outsourcing is more of a partnership than it is just handing off work to other teams. The stakes are high, and the success of outsourcing relationships directly impact the success or failure of a pharmaceutical program.

    Nov 7, 2023
  • Decentralized Clinical Trials: Navigating The Regulatory Landscape For Efficient And Patient-Centric Research

    Clinical Research News | The global decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) market is expected to see significant growth in the coming years. In 2021, the market was valued at $8.8 billion. And in 2026, the market is projected to reach $14.2 billion. Several key factors are fueling this transformation, including the impact of COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions, the increasing demand for faster and more cost-effective drug trials, the growing preference of patients to participate in clinical trials remotely, and the availability of electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePRO).

    Nov 3, 2023
  • Evaluating Risk in the Era of Decentralized Clinical Trials

    Clinical Research News | Since the pandemic, decentralized trials have claimed the lion’s share of conversation around trial design and participant engagement. When it comes to risk-based quality management, decentralized trials can also mean decentralized control. More options for patients means more opportunity for risk.

    Nov 1, 2023
  • Sexy Science, Clinical Ops as a Business, Data Custodians

    Clinical Research News | Bravard’s opening keynote at SCOPE Europe challenged the community to view clinical ops as a growth driver for business and inspired them to fight the good fight.

    Oct 31, 2023