• Walgreens, Freenome Team Up, New AI Products from ObjectiveHealth, Saama, More

    Clinical Research News | Walgreens and Freenome team up to advance clinical studies; ObjectiveHealth announces new AI tool to optimize clinical trial performance; Saama deploys AI solutions to automate key clinical development processes; American Gene Technologies launch new company that solely focuses on HIV cure research; and more.

    Jun 29, 2023
  • Budget Proposals For Industry-Sponsored Pediatric Trials Need Renegotiating

    Clinical Research News | Many sites engaged in industry-sponsored pediatric clinical trials are struggling to make them monetarily feasible because sponsors often apply the same budget figures used for adult trials and sites may be unaccustomed to talking about line-item costs for different procedures.

    Jun 28, 2023
  • Follow the Money: AI Drug Treatments, Stocks, Quantum Metabolic Polarizers, More

    Clinical Research News | Leveraging AI for drug treatments, stock investments, revolutionizing metabolic MRIs with polarizers, and more.

    Jun 27, 2023
  • Success in Simplicity: Complex Clinical Trials and the eCOA Systems That Support Them

    Clinical Research News | It’s no coincidence that clinical trials are becoming more complex. Advancements in technology are enabling sponsors, clinicians, and trial teams to gather more information than ever before. However, the latest “bells and whistles” can add complexity to trials and distract trial teams from their main focus: collecting data to advance therapies for very ill patients who need them most.

    Jun 23, 2023
  • Biologics, Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Current Focus Of Alzheimer’s Disease Trials

    Clinical Research News | The latest report on clinical trials in the Alzheimer’s drug development pipeline points to the growing potential of anti-amyloid monoclonal antibodies for treating the brain-robbing condition. Anti-inflammatory agents comprise the single largest therapeutic category with 25 drugs, but astoundingly no two are aimed at the same target.

    Jun 21, 2023