• Pistoia Alliance Works to Mine RWD From Social Media

    Clinical Research News | The Pistoia Alliance has launched a new Community of Experts (CoE) to harness real-world data from social media. The CoE aims to develop best practices and guidelines to use social media analysis as real-world data for patient-focused drug development.

    Nov 22, 2022
  • Vivli To Expand Due To New Data-Sharing Policy Affecting NIH-Funded Research

    Clinical Research News | There is little doubt about the “data magnetism” of Vivli, an open-access, data-sharing platform integrating clinical trial data contributed by biopharmaceutical sponsors, academic institutions, and nonprofit foundations around the world. Vivli was created as a generalist repository in 2018 and since then has driven 126 new research findings—all publicly disclosed, primarily in the peer-reviewed literature.

    Nov 16, 2022