Scope of Things

Kicking Off 2024: Clinical News, Start-Ups, and More With Ward Lemaire and Dan Hydes

January 9, 2023


New Year, new podcast format! In 2024’s first episode of the Scope of Things, host Deborah Borfitz gives you the latest news from the clinical trials industry, including AI’s role in the creation of digital twins, the obesity epidemic and the drugs intended to combat it, improving diversity in trial candidates, and more. We also have expert advice from Ward Lemaire, VP Head of Data Management and Central Monitoring at J&J Innovative Medicine, and Dan Hydes, Co-Founder and CEO at IgniteData, on SCOPE’s new Startup Pitch Competiton, and how start-up companies can meet multiple demands and needs, direct their limited resources, and keep the innovation train going.

Ward Lemaire, VP Head of Data Management and Central Monitoring J&J Innovative Medicine
20 years of experience in Data Management related functions in the Pharmaceutical Industry, lived and worked in 3 different continents (Belgium, China and US). Board of Trustee of SCDM (Society for Clinical Data Management).

Dan Hydes, Co-Founder and CEO, IgniteData
Dan Hydes led the critical work shaping and refining the value proposition, commercial model and global scaleup strategy for Archer, IgniteData’s EHR-to-EDC system-agnostic data transfer technology and has responsibility for the strategy and commercial areas at IgniteData. He previously co-founded a business that successfully ran projects ranging from bringing together groups of clinicians for expert symposiums to recruitment feasibility for clinical trials. Dan has also led large commercial teams for global media organizations.