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Challenge the Bias: Make trials More Accessible and Meaningful to Real-World Patients

This podcast explores the expanding opportunity that pharmaceutical and life science companies now have in understanding how social determinants impact the epidemiology of the disease, and how to start combating these impacts through the enablement of new data insights and technology into their future clinical trial framework.

Prioritizing health equity within the value stream of Clinical Development not only ensures better patient outcomes for all patients but ensures a sustainable framework for the understanding and targeted treatment of disease.

Organizations need to ensure their trial designs and execution strategies are efficient and reflective of the real-world patients that their therapies are targeting. Learn how to:

  • Identify health conditions that are undertreated within population subsets
  • Determine where intervention can be most effective
  • Increase the racial and ethnic diversity of trial participants
  • Integrate new insights and evidence-generation strategies into your Clinical Development framework today


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Pull EHR data into your study database 15x faster: How to use untapped, source patient data for more efficient clinical trials
Whether your clinical research is a site-based trial, decentralized clinical trial, virtual study, or a hybrid of these methodologies, one thing they all have in common is a plethora of untapped patient data. Listen to this podcast to learn how you can pull data from EHRs into your study database with one click. Even better - it’s cost effective, fast, and effortless. One site’s project director said, “The implementation was quick and easy in comparison to other implementations.” And another IT user said, “Our clinicians have access to summary displays melding research data from OpenClinica with records from the patient’s chart in a way that is not feasible for either system to do on its own.” Ready to make your life (and the life of your study team) easy? Listen now.


Better Data for Better Decisions
With COVID (hopefully) in retreat, healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) can renew their focus on the Quadruple Aim of healthcare. Every HDO has thousands of medical devices used by thousands of nurses, and each costs thousands of dollars. By improving the utilization and management of these devices, HDOs can significantly lower the per capita cost of delivering care and enhance the quality of the work-life for their front-line care teams.


Aligning clinical strategy with regulatory and market objectives through modern forecasting
Aligning evidence for regulatory requirements and global market access requirements depends on accurate forecasting which considers an ever-changing market landscape. As the evidence thresholds for regulatory bodies differ from those of market-access gatekeepers, manufacturers run the risk of misaligned or insufficient evidence to achieve success through both hurdles. Cytel is reshaping the relationship between evidence and forecasting technology and has developed new tools to align clinical strategy with both regulatory and market objectives.


Harnessing the power of Big Data and AI for faster, better, and more efficient studies
As more patients become connected, there’s a new data source that can help us understand and engage patients-- data collected passively through wearables, devices, apps and sensors. Envision being able to gather minute-level data directly from patients, monitor adherence to a protocol outside of brick and mortar walls, and enroll patients into a study within 24 hours -- all of these scenarios are possible in the digital era of medicine.


Recent Podcasts
Using a Unified Cloud-Based Platform for Clinical Research
Clinical trial sponsors conduct thousands of clinical trials annually, across more than a dozen therapeutic areas, multiple geographies, and hundreds of thousands of patients. With the increasing pressure to get high quality data, from a breadth of sources, and in turn, drive better, more effective treatments, sponsors are looking for every advantage in building, setting up, and executing their clinical trials. Many are looking to the cloud to help.
Ride the Wave of Risk-Based Site Monitoring
The FDA’s draft guidance on risk-based approaches to monitoring has generated significant interest and myriad discussions within the industry. However, the rate of adoption of risk-based monitoring approaches has to-date been slower than many industry experts expected. This podcast takes a closer look at the primary concerns expressed along with current approaches, and discusses best practices in adopting a successful risk-based monitoring practice.
Shining Light on Clinical Investigator Cost Budgeting & Planning
This podcast will discuss the drivers of clinical trial investigator costs that sponsors should consider when developing site budgets to ensure regulatory compliance and a more efficient process. The speakers will share best practices as well as pitfalls common to today’s trial budgeting process.
Optimizing data integration for your scientific discovery
Many Pharma companies know that they are sitting on unique data assets that could be used to discover new insights, repurpose failed drug programs, or revisit trial results to identify new segments. However, integrating data across silos continues to be a critical challenge for researchers. Join Kim Ledoux, Thomson Reuters Director of R&D Informatics, for the latest insights on “connecting the dots” in the informatics community.


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