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Challenge the Bias: Make trials More Accessible and Meaningful to Real-World Patients
This podcast explores the expanding opportunity that pharmaceutical and life science companies now have in understanding how social determinants impact the epidemiology of the disease, and how to start combating these impacts through the enablement of new data insights and technology into their future clinical trial framework.

Prioritizing health equity within the value stream of Clinical Development not only ensures better patient outcomes for all patients but ensures a sustainable framework for the understanding and targeted treatment of disease.

Organizations need to ensure their trial designs and execution strategies are efficient and reflective of the real-world patients that their therapies are targeting. Learn how to:

  • Identify health conditions that are undertreated within population subsets
  • Determine where intervention can be most effective
  • Increase the racial and ethnic diversity of trial participants
  • Integrate new insights and evidence-generation strategies into your Clinical Development framework today

Speaker Biography

Kwame is the Market Strategy and Innovation Lead for Clinical Development at Komodo Health.

He has 15+ years of experience in the healthcare industry, working in strategy and operations leadership roles across manufacturing technical operations, commercial and R&D. Prior to Komodo, Kwame served as a Director of Insights and Analytics for Roche/Genentech’s Global Clinical Operations.

Kwame graduated with a BS in Chemical Engineering from Stanford University and an MBA in Corporate Strategy and Market Analysis from the University of California, Berkeley.