• How the Pharma Industry Can Solve Common Clinical Trial Bottlenecks

    Clinical Research News | The race to develop a COVID-19 vaccine has shone a light on the sometimes complex process of getting a drug to market like never before, providing an opportune time to examine several common bottlenecks associated with clinical trials and what the industry can do to alleviate them.

    Jan 18, 2021
  • Myocarditis Not Common Among Athletes, Pediatric Hospitalizations Rising, Gut Microbiome Influences Severity: COVID-19 Updates

    Clinical Research News I COVID-19 ICU patients experience higher rates of delirium and coma, ABM recommends women continue breastfeeding after vaccination, Wuhan study finds lingering symptoms in many, immunosuppressed patients show similar outcomes, and ICU nurses suffer toll on mental health. Plus: Princeton University spin-off launches AI COVID screening tool and poor mental health could impact vaccine effectiveness.

    Jan 15, 2021
  • Parexel Ejects Informatics Business, Calyx Launches

    Clinical Research News |Parexel today announced the completion of the separation of its Parexel Informatics and Medical Imaging business from the parent company. Parexel Informatics becomes Calyx, a provider of medical imaging, eClinical, and regulatory solutions and services to solve complex challenges in clinical research.

    Jan 11, 2021
  • Virtual Trials Should Not Mean Siteless Trials

    Clinical Research News | Growth in decentralized clinical trials and an increasingly impressive list of features and functionality associated with remote patient monitoring and engagement technologies are making the promises of so-called Virtual Clinical Trials closer to reality than ever. But should Virtual Trials mean siteless trials? Removing sites from the equation, on paper, seems like a win, leading to lower costs and more convenience. However, with patient compliance still posing a significant challenge for sponsors, removing the personal connection and accountability checks provided by site teams can place the entire study in jeopardy.

    Jan 11, 2021
  • Umbilical Stem Cells Promising Treatment, Long Term Impacts on Brain, Smart Vaccine Patch Under Development: COVID-19 Updates

    Clinical Research News I Pfizer funds long-term safety study on their COVID-19 vaccine, Phase 3 clinical trial results show Moderna’s vaccine is both effective and safe, Radx-rad program supports innovative approaches to gaps in testing and surveillance. Plus: Protective immunity could last several months, and more.

    Jan 8, 2021
  • Trendspotting: Decentralized Trials, AI, Real-World Data in 2021

    Clinical Research News | We gathered predictions from leaders in clinical research who are working hard to synthesize what 2020 brought us and apply learnings to 2021.

    Jan 7, 2021
  • MSK Researchers Find Immunotherapy May Be A Good Option For BRCA2 Tumors

    Clinical Research News | Despite having similar levels of tumor mutational burden, cancers associated with BRCA1 and BRCA2 alterations respond quite differently to immunotherapy. Counterintuitively, the tumor type that typically harbors the fewer number of immune cells—BRCA2—appears to be more immunogenic and the reason may be that the mutation process generates foreign-looking peptides readily detected by the body’s DNA repair engine.

    Jan 6, 2021
  • Gamifying Eye Health, Heavy Investments, Acquisitions in Decentralized Trials, More

    Clinical Research News | Launch of the Decentralized Trials & Research Alliance, acquisitions focused on decentralized trials and remote administration, new wearables for remote monitoring, better training for nurses in clinical settings, and more.

    Jan 4, 2021
  • Top Stories of 2020: Real-World Data, Research Ethics, and Virtual Trials. And COVID-19

    Clinical Research News | This year clinicians everywhere have worked to understand COVID-19, but that wasn’t the only disease we were concerned about. Crucial research on cancer, rare diseases, and many other indications was put on hold while sponsors and CROs re-envisioned clinical trials virtually and worked to reassure participants that they were safe at sites.

    Dec 29, 2020
  • The Pandemic Has Proven a New Approach to Clinical Trials is Necessary

    Clinical Research News | The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for a new approach to how clinical trial teams work with patients. At the onslaught of the health crisis, restrictions, and heavy precautions on personal interactions brought clinical trials to a veritable standstill. This left the life sciences industry looking for alternative ways to maintain patient participation in clinical trials, primarily, as it relates to patient interaction and data collection.

    Dec 22, 2020
  • Follow the Money: Decentralized Trials, Stem Cell Research, Stroke Treatment

    Clinical Research News | Funding updates around the clinical research and clinical trials space including a Series C round to accelerate decentralized trials, a “digital health first” focused VC fund, more money for a healthcare ecosystem platform, an investment in prostate health at Mount Sinai, and an NIH grant for human placental stem cell research.

    Dec 21, 2020
  • Online Programs Piloted To Support ‘Long COVID’, Drive-Through and Live-In Trial Sites, AI Picks Drug Candidates: COVID-19 Updates

    Clinical Research News | COVID-19 deadlier than heart disease, cancer, and the flu, with in-hospital mortality rates 20.3% among inpatients. New data on baricitinib and remdesivir. Plus: NIH looks at SARS-CoV-2 infection in children, CDC uses Oracle’s EHR, Curebase launches drive-through clinical trial sites, and new vaccine trials launched.

    Dec 18, 2020