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Jasmine Smith and Dr. Deborah Duong on the First Decentralized AI Longevity Research Network

June 7, 2022


Jasmine Smith, CEO, and Dr. Deborah Duong, CTO, of Rejuve.AI help patients achieve a healthy and extended life expectancy regardless of economic standing. Rejuve is the world’s first decentralized AI longevity research network that provides equitable health and wellness solutions. The platform focuses on treatment accessibility, patient-centric research, data ownership, and fair labor. It also operates as an economy of clinical data researchers and contributors who retain ownership of their work. Contributors provide data and Rejuve's blockchain serves as a distributed ledger to keep patient data safe, ensure transparent data transactions, and maintain clear data ownership.

Jasmine Smith, CEO, Rejuve.AI
Jasmine Smith, CEO of Rejuve.AI has a degree in Health Information Management with multiple years of experience in inpatient hospital medical coding. A natural wellness and holistic health enthusiast, Jasmine shifted her career focus from the corporate world to Web3 to make a lasting impact on global public health in the way of personalized and evidence-based medicine. Smith has been a community volunteer for the SingularityNET ecosystem since 2018. She formally joined the team in 2021 as Rejuve Product Manager and Ecosystem Community Manager, advancing to CEO in August of 2021.

Dr. Deborah Duong, CTO, Rejuve.AI
Dr. Deborah Duong is the CTO of Rejuve.AI. She is a Computational Social Scientist and expert in Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS) and Coevolutionary Computation. She has over 60 peer-reviewed conference papers and journal articles with over thirty years of experience in Artificial Intelligence and CAS Simulation, ten of which are in the healthcare and biomedical space. She wrote the first intelligent agent social simulation in 1991, published in Behavioral Science and featured in The Economist. SISTER, a Symbolic Interactionist Simulation of Trade and Emergent Roles, is her life’s work that has appeared in many inventions throughout her career including simulations of Irregular Warfare and Information Operations at the US Office of the Secretary of Defense and the US Army. These simulations are on currently relevant topics like corruption and political popular support through divisive tactics on social media. SISTER’s focus is on institutions, which are natural network effects relevant to the blockchain. One area of her current research is emergent social phenomena among AI agents that generate data-driven causal models. Another is focused on blockchain token economies that incentivize social good, and simulation proofs of these systems. Recently, she invented the SingularityNET Simulation, coevolutionary ensembles of AI agents from which emerge institutions that solve problems. Currently, she is developing a Rejuve Tokenonomy based on NFTs that allow IP contributors in a data economy to own the products of their labor, via mind or body, forever.