Greenphire, Florence Healthcare Partnership; Oxford Nanopore Collaborations To Develop Data Tech; University Of Texas Launches Oncology Institute

By Clinical Research News Staff 

November 29, 2023 | Greenphire and Florence Healthcare teams up to integrate their software solutions to help sites get paid quicker; Oxford Nanopore Technologies collaborates with Fabric Genomics and Sapehtor to develop data technology; The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center launches its Institute for Data Science in Oncology (IDSO) to help improve patients’ lives by transforming cancer care and research; more. 


Greenphire and Florence Healthcare announced a technology partnership that integrates two of the most popular software solutions in the industry. By integrating their technologies, Greenphire and Florence Healthcare will allow sites to have fewer activities to manage and will be paid more promptly. Together, both organizations have validated their technology partnership with numerous industry sponsors and sites. Press release

Oxford Nanopore Technologies and Fabric Genomics have collaborated to develop a scalable software solution for the end-to-end analysis and clinical reporting of rich genomic data. The joint solution, which will be commercially available for deployment in CLIA/CAP labs, will support use of nanopore sequencing in neonatal/pediatric intensive care units, bringing the benefits of richer data and faster insights to support rapid disease characterization of babies and children with genetic disorders in acute settings. Press release

Evidation announced a landmark partnership with Our Future Health, a national health research initiative and collaboration between the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), public health agencies, non-profits, and leading life sciences companies. Our Future Health will deploy Evidation’s enterprise digital health engagement and measurement platform to conduct a multi-year, longitudinal research program for up to five million participants across the UK. Press release

The Pistoia Alliance has announced its four new strategic priorities and has appointed steering committees to lead collaboration in these areas: Harness AI to Expedite R&D, Deliver Data-Driven Value, Sustainability Driven R&D and Accelerate Use of Real-World Data. The priorities were selected in response to the evolving needs of the life science industry amid digital transformation, climate change, and shifts in how research is conducted and how healthcare is delivered post-pandemic. The Alliance consulted its members and revisited the challenges raised in its latest Lab of the Future survey. The steering committees are representative of the Pistoia Alliance’s global membership, including experts from top pharma and technology companies, and will help formulate the Alliance’s strategy and project goals. Press release

Q-Centrix announced the launch of the Q-Centrix Research Network, a platform intended to establish connections between hospitals and sponsors conducting clinical research, providing all hospitals with the right opportunities, data, and services to pair study opportunities with the right patients. The Q-Centrix Research Network is comprised of and open to Q-Centrix hospital partners seeking to provide more research opportunities for their communities, as well as industry partners focused on enabling access to clinical research. Leveraging clinical data spanning de-identified electronic medical records (EMR), registry data, labs, and unstructured notes and documents, Q-Centrix is able to produce deep clinical insights that would previously go overlooked and unused in planning, screening, and capturing data for studies. Press release

Ichor Life Sciences has launched Ichor Clinical Trial Services. With the founding of Ichor Clinical, the company is now able to serve biotechnology and pharmaceutical clients from early preclinical studies through late-stage clinical trials and FDA approval. Ichor Clinical offers a spectrum of customized clinical trial solutions, ranging from individual service options to full CRO assistance. Centered on solving each client’s unique challenges, the team specializes in critical areas such as protocol design, site identification and qualification, and recruitment and retention strategies. Press release

ActiGraph introduced its next generation multisensor wearable, the ActiGraph LEAP. The ActiGraph LEAP includes one of the most comprehensive sensor collections in the industry, giving researchers the ability to collect continuous digital measures of physical activity, sleep, mobility, and additional vital sign measures (for investigational use only) in a single fit-for-purpose device. Press release. 

Clinical ink has expanded its patient engagement suite with the inclusion of the SPURTM behavioral diagnostic tool created by Observia. This unique integrated solution combines assessment of patient behavior with lifestyle modification, eCOA, eSource, and Digital Biomarkers.  It is available for both clinical development and marketed pharmaceutical products. The collaboration with Observia allows Clinical ink to capture a holistic view of patient behavior together with clinical outcomes and digital biomarkers.  Behavior and cognition represent a previously neglected dataset, permitting improved adherence to trial protocols and standardization of lifestyle advice in complex chronic indications. Press release

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center announced the launch of its Institute for Data Science in Oncology (IDSO), which integrates the most advanced computational and data science approaches with the institution’s extensive scientific and clinical expertise to significantly improve patient’s lives by transforming cancer care and research. Through its work, IDSO not only allows for better analysis of existing data but also changes how MD Anderson generates, collects and manages data. This comprehensive approach enables research and clinical teams to derive new and deeper insights that can be applied to accelerate drug discovery and development, to improve scheduling and access for patients, to enhance the safety and quality of care, and to allow for personalized treatment decisions based on results and predictions from diagnostic tests. Press release

ArisGlobal announced new study results confirming the power of Proactive Safety Signal Detection in improving patient safety. Specifically, the findings support the technology's ability to distill precise, meaningful drug-event insights directly and efficiently from real-world data, boosting drug safety—while potentially also supporting new indications. The findings revealed: 42% fewer false positives; 19% more 'true' signals; and a 39% improvement in signal optimization. Press release

Phesi has enhanced its Trial Accelerator platform with the addition of the Patient Access Score (PAS) to enable clinical trial sponsors to identify the most effective investigators. The PAS metric derives from the Phesi Digital Patient Profile (DPP); using real-world data from more than 95 million patients and over 500,000 clinical studies from Phesi’s Trial Accelerator platform. PAS can be applied to improve investigator and site selection, reduce protocol amendments, and save costs by eliminating activation of non-performing sites. Press release

SubjectWell has acquired PatientCentra, an MD Connect, Inc. business. Located in Waltham, MA, PatientCentra offers full-service, global patient recruitment capabilities plus an in-house agency for the development of tailored, patient-centric recruitment journeys. Through this acquisition, SubjectWell now serves the patient recruitment needs of any international clinical study, while expanding its ability to recruit for rare disease and oncology indications. Press release

Fabric Genomics has entered a strategic collaboration with cloud-based data management pioneer DNAnexus to empower hospitals, clinical laboratories, and academic centers to rapidly access and analyze large-scale clinical whole genome data and bring vital clinical insights to patients. Through the partnership, Fabric Genomics will integrate its advanced genomic analysis tools and AI engine with the DNAnexus Precision Health Cloud, providing users with a push-button solution to move quickly from sample to evidence-backed analysis to actionable clinical reports. Press release

Ionpath has launched its new service and data analysis tools for immuno-oncology applications in basic, translational, and clinical research. Ionpath’s single-cell, spatial proteomics service utilizes its multiplexed ion beam imaging (MIBI) technology, which uses mass spectrometry to query dozens of proteins with unmatched sensitivity and true subcellular resolution. Press release

Curavit Clinical Research launched new Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) Practice.  Curavit will incorporate HEOR services in clinical trials to capture evidence of the health economics value of novel pharmaceutical products, especially digital therapeutics which are striving to accelerate market momentum. Curavit will assess the value and effect of DTx interventions on both individual patients and population health levels of care. Press release

InfoBionic has entered into an agreement with Mayo Clinic to incorporate its extensive know-how in cardiac patient monitoring, AI-ECG, and virtual telemetry to optimize and build upon its existing monitoring platform. The collaboration aims to enhance InfoBionic’s current proprietary AI algorithms and analytics capabilities to provide more personalized and predictive insights to both patients and clinicians. In addition, the agreement will help augment current development efforts in virtual cardiac telemetry to enable a seamless cardiac monitoring continuum of care from hospital to home. Press release

QIAGEN and Myriad Genetics announced a new master collaboration agreement to develop companion diagnostic tests in the field of cancer. The partnership aims to deliver innovative services and products to pharmaceutical companies, enabling the development and commercialization of proprietary cancer tests for the U.S. clinical market, and providing distributable companion diagnostic test kits for the global market. Press release.