Matexcel Launches New Line of Natural Extract Peptide Products for Research Use

Matexcel, a leading provider of polymers, metals, ceramics, and natural materials in material science, recently announced the launch of its new line of natural extract peptide products used for food addition or cosmetic research.


What is Natural Extract Peptide?

Peptides are naturally present in living organisms including the human body and have chain lengths of approximately 20 amino acids long. Natural peptides are obtained by the hydrolysis of proteins in small fragments. Vegetable collagen and hydrolyzed proteins are two key segments of natural peptides that are easily available to the natural formulator.


Why Choose Natural Extract Peptide?

Natural and Safe: Made from pure and natural plant extracts, Matexcel’s formula is free from harmful chemicals.

Verified Safety: Each product is scientifically formulated and tested to ensure its effectiveness and safety.

Sustainable: As believers in environmental sustainability, Matexcel provides eco-friendly and cruelty-free natural extract peptide.

Convenient: Easy to add to products for that extra little punch!


The new natural extract peptide products at Matexcel are made from a variety of natural sources, including Salmon Cartilage, Alaska Deep Sea cod Skin, Oyster meat, Sea cucumber, Crocodile Meat, Antarctic krill, Marine Fish, etc.


Featured natural extract peptide products at Matexcel include: Marine Fish Skin Oligopeptide Powder, Salmon Cartilage Peptide Powder, Oyster Oligopeptide Powder, Sea Cucumber Oligopeptide Powder, Crocodile Peptide Powder, Antarctic Krill Peptide Powder, Marine Fish Bone Peptide Powder, Tuna Peptide Powder, Deep-sea Cod Skin Collagen Peptide, Fish Collagen Peptide, GMP Grade.


Below is a brief introduction about one of the natural extract peptide products released at Matexcel:

Cat. No.  


Product Name 

Marine Fish Skin Oligopeptide Powder

Product Overview  

Marine fish oligopeptide powder is a small molecule peptide substance made from selected fish skins of deep-sea cod and refined by advanced biological enzymatic hydrolysis technology. Oligopeptide content >50%


Alaska Deep Sea cod Skin


Store at room temperature


Food Addition

“We are excited to launch our new line of natural extract peptides,” said Johnson, one of the representative speakers from Matexcel. “These products are made from the highest quality ingredients and are backed by scientific research.”


Other natural food additives at Matexcel include: encapsulated food additives, natural lipid, natural pigment, and natural polysaccharide.


“We are committed to providing consumers with the best possible natural extract peptides,” added Johnson. “We believe that our new products will help people to achieve their health and wellness goals.”


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Note: This product is for research and industrial use only, not intended for diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease directly.