Bios Health Group Enters the Market to Offer Investment-Driven and Clinical Development Optimization Strategies for Biotech and Life Science Companies

Bios Health Group Enters the Market to Offer Investment-Driven and Clinical Development Optimization Strategies for Biotech and Life Science Companies

Accelerating Biotech Success

Atlanta, GA, 15 August 2023: Bios Health Group launches into the Life Science market to help biotech entrepreneurs and executives take their innovative ideas to the next level. This new company entity is a strategic partner providing end-to-end solutions for life science companies and investors. It offers strategies to attract funding, optimize clinical development and create winning commercial strategies. Bios Health Group also serves as a Venture Partner providing investor preparation for Biotech companies seeking investment funding and access to Venture funds through its investor networks.

Bios Health Group Chief Executive Officer, Zizi Uzezi Imatorbhebhe, MBA MS PMP®, says: “We are thrilled to bring this comprehensive suite of end-to-end solutions to Biotech and Life Science companies. Our strategic approach involves engagement with Venture Capitalists and Investors, effectively addressing the funding gap that often impedes early-stage Biotech companies from accessing critical financial resources required to realize their innovative concepts. Additionally, we provide established companies with proven commercial strategies to launch new products and expand their market presence”.

Bios Health Group offers four strategic solutions:

BioInvest offers life science companies expert guidance on investment preparation including business plans, investor attractive investment pitches and access to investor networks.  

Innovate Bio focuses on clinical development optimization, prioritizing R&D indications and pipelines to maximize value, leveraging innovations, strategic and patient-centric approaches to optimize and accelerate clinical development.

CRO Select leverages our intelligence and knowledge to help Biotech companies save time and money as they make the crucial decision of selecting the right fit Clinical Research Organization.

LaunchMax offers commercial strategy development and execution to maximize success. In addition, the BIOS Innovation Circle brings together strategic experts to provide tailored solutions.

At Bios Health Group, we are dedicated to driving impactful outcomes, serving as both enablers and accelerators of remarkable potential within the industry." Says Zizi.

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About Bios Health Group

Bios Health Group specializes in optimizing clinical development and expanding commercial growth for Biotech and Life science companies. Also serving as a Venture Partner, we offer investor preparation for early and growth stage Biotech companies to attract investor funding and access to strategic resources for early and growth-stage entities through our Bios Innovation Circle.  Our unique approach combines clinical and commercial expertise, leveraging state-of-the-art technologies and patient-focused innovations to expedite the delivery of biopharmaceutical therapies and healthcare products to market.


About Zizi Uzezi Imatorbhebhe – CEO, Bios Health Group

Zizi Uzezi Imatorbhebhe, MBA MS PMP® is a seasoned executive with more than 30 years of experience in biopharmaceutical, healthcare and clinical research industry spanning end to end cross functional expertise from clinical development to commercialization. She has successfully guided many Biotech and Life Science companies across their end-to-end clinical development journey and has commercialized and launched over 25 pharmaceutical and medical device products into global markets. She is also a published author, industry speaker and rare disease patient advocate.