Biopharma PEG Offers GMP & Non-GMP Grade PEG Derivatives Manufacture Services

Biopharma PEG is a biotechnology-oriented company that dedicated to manufacturing and supplying high purity monodispersed PEG derivatives,  polydispersed PEG derivatives and PEG raw material  with various functional groups and structural modifications. These PEG products have been widely used in drug delivery, ADC therapeutics, bioconjugation, click chemistry, nanotechnology, new materials research, cell culture, 3D bioprinting, etc. We can also provide PEGylation services, and PEG custom synthesis to clients all over the world.


Biopharma PEG offers custom GMP & Non-GMP grade PEG manufacturing services to meet customers different commercial development needs. There are many factors that PEG manufacturers should take into consideration for high-quality production, such as PEGylation sites, chain length and PEG linkers. Given this situation, Biopharma PEG has paid much attention to establishing advanced facilities and equipment, a small portion of which is listed below:


High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

Gas Chromatography (GC)

Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS)


According to the structure, PEG products can be divided into Monodisperse PEG, Monofunctional PEG, Homobifunctional PEG, Heterobifunctional PEG, Multi-arm PEG, Lipid PEG and other PEGs.


Biopharma PEG, as a leading PEG derivatives supplier, has over 3,000 high purity PEG linkers kept in stock to empower customers PEGylation, bioconjugation, crosslinking for pharmaceutical and biotech R&D, such as PEG Amine, PEG Azide, Maleimide PEG, NHS ester PEG, Thoil PEG and others. With the support of advances equipment, Biopharma PEG now can deal with orders from milligrams to hundreds of kilograms and can serve the needs at every stage of PEG production, said the Director of Production Department of Biopharma PEG. “We have been a trusted PEG producer for many years, offering over 3000 PEG stock products and custom synthesis services. We believe that relying on high quality and products and the most reasonable price, our partnership with our customers will be further strengthened.”


We will continuously expand the capability to provide large-scale manufacture of high purity PEG derivatives with an extensive variety of functional groups to customer worldwide, in both non-GMP and GMP grades. Please contact us at immediately if you are interested in our PEG GMP manufacturing service or request additional information about our high quality GMP grade PEG products. 



About Biopharma PEG

As a leading manufacturer of PEG derivatives, Biopharma PEG is fully competent and dedicated to serving mRNA vaccine companies with high purity PEG lipids. With comprehensive and advanced platforms, the company provides PEG derivatives and related products to customers worldwide to meet new drug delivery goals.


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