Jumo Health Helps Young People to Become Effective Patient Advocates

Global health education company will play a central role in the 2022 International Children’s Advisory Network Summit in Lyon, France


Jumo Health, a global provider of age appropriate, culturally sensitive, medical education resources, today announced that it is extending its ongoing support of the International Children’s Advisory Network (iCAN), a global consortium of youth advisory groups. iCAN empowers pediatric patients worldwide and provides a voice for children and their families in healthcare, clinical trials, and medical research.


Jumo Health will lead two educational sessions and serve as the name sponsor at the 2022 iCAN Summit, which will be held at the Université de Lyon in Lyon, France from July 11-15.


“The annual iCAN Summit provides a rare opportunity for young patients to learn more about medical advances, make new friends with similar life experiences, and develop the requisite skills to become strong advocates for themselves and patients like them. We consider the Summit to be a valuable experience and are proud to continue to support iCAN and the Summit,” said Kevin Aniskovich, President and CEO of Jumo Health and a member of the iCAN Advisory Board.


“Jumo Health was founded to address the unique needs of pediatric patients and while we now serve all ages, we continue to work closely with them and patient advocacy groups around the world to develop relatable resources that reflect real patient experiences. We quickly learned that pediatric patients require more engaging forms of storytelling, particularly from real patients who share their personal experiences, as they seek to understand their health condition, what to expect throughout their journey, and how to explain their condition to their friends and family,” continued Aniskovich.


“We are proud to partner with Jumo Health as they share our desire to give pediatric patients and their caregivers a greater understanding of, and stronger voice in, clinical research and health care programs. The iCAN Summit provides an ideal venue to share ideas, the future of treatment, experiences, and to learn the skills required to achieve those goals,” said Leanne West, iCAN President and Chief Engineer, Pediatric Technologies at Georgia Tech. “We are excited to continue our partnership with Jumo Health which has already resulted in the development of a series of comic books entitled, Understanding Clinical Trials, which help to ensure potential clinical trial participants can understand and act upon physicians’ instructions.”


The annual iCAN Summit provides an opportunity for its youth members to learn about pediatric medicine and meet those dedicated to improving health care, including entrepreneurs, researchers, scientists, and physicians from around the world. In addition to learning more about medical and scientific advances, participants will have the opportunity to interact and share their own stories and messages of hope.


Jumo Health’s educational sessions will focus on:

  Sharing Stories: The Jumo Health Approach to Healthcare Education, Presented by Columba Quigley, MD, and Sindy Nathan

In this interactive session, leaders from Jumo Health will explain why and how real patient stories can improve outcomes in healthcare. They will dive into the process of creating effective health communications and ask for unfiltered feedback on the company’s most recent materials.


  Health Animated: How Animation Improves Medical Understanding Across All Ages, Genders, Languages, and Ethnicities, Presented by Joseph Brady and Jesse Jankewicz

Jumo Health will lead an interactive session to show the in-depth process of developing an animated story and how those animations can impact global health understanding. Participants that get involved might see their own story come to life.


Additional information about the 2022 iCAN Summit is available at www.icanresearch.org/2022-summit.


About the International Children’s Advisory Network (iCAN)

iCAN is a worldwide consortium of children’s advisory groups, known as Kids Impacting Disease Through Science (KIDS) and Young Persons Advisory Groups (YPAGS). These dedicated youth member groups work in unison around the world to provide a voice for children and families in medicine, research, and innovation. For further information, visit www.icanresearch.org.


About Jumo Health

Jumo Health develops age-appropriate, culturally sensitive, and relatable educational resources for patients and caregivers. We have experience serving diverse populations, covering more than 160 health topics across 75+ countries and 90+ languages - and we’re always expanding! Our multicultural offerings are designed to explain the latest in evidence-based literature using highly visual elements so that everyone can understand complex medical topics. We use familiar mediums to ensure this - from comic books and Pixar®-style animation, to virtual reality experiences and authentic documentary-style patient stories - all tailored based on age and audience. Jumo Health collaborates globally with more than 180 advocacy groups and community organizations to ensure an authentic patient experience is accurately represented. For further information, visit  www.jumohealth.com.