Biopharma PEG Provides Monodisperse PEGs In Drug Development

Monodisperse PEG products usually are organic compounds with a molecular weight of less than 1000. Monodispersed PEG linkers are pure compounds with a single molecular weight. Monodisperse polyethylene glycol(PEG) molecular weight is fixed. It can not be obtained by polymerization. It must be by the appropriate reaction of the basic polyethylene glycol fragment.


With advancements in both synthetic and purification chemistry over the past two decades, monodispersed PEG linkers have become more commercially viable.  Monodispersed PEG linkers have been found to be beneficial in drug design, specifically in small molecule drugs. Some of the problems that are often seen in small molecule drugs include its ability to be easily removed from the body, low solubility and less target-specificity. The introduction of monodispersed PEG linkers to small molecule drugs increases the drug’s solubility and molecular weight. This may allow an extended drug half-life in the body. The use of monodispersed PEG linkers has also improved drug development with its ability to produce homogeneous PEGylated drugs with a specific molecular weight.

At present, the monodisperse custom synthesis PEG is difficult, the literature is less reported and poor, and the price of monodisperse polyethylene glycol sold on the market is also expensive, said the chief chemist of Biopharma PEG, For the above reasons, an economical and efficient monodisperse polyethylene glycol synthesis method need to be designed, which can provide with higher quality and lower price.


The team of Biopharma PEG Scientific Inc. owns the most qualified and talented synthetic and medicinal chemists. We can provide a wide range of high purity monodispersed PEG products of multi functionalized groups in milligram to hundreds of kilograms or greater with GMP standard manufacturing capability. With our strong expertise in modern chemistry, innovative & novel PEG technology and state-of-the-art equipment, Biopharma PEG Scientific Inc. can help our customers to accelerate their research through cost-effective and efficient solutions. 

Biopharma PEG Scientific Inc., founded in 2013, is a biotechnology-oriented company in Watertown, Massachusetts. We are dedicated to providing high purity monodisperse PEG raw materials and monodisperse PEG derivatives with an extensive variety of functional groups, from grams to kilograms batch size in both non-GMP and GMP grade.


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As a leading manufacturer of PEG derivatives, Biopharma PEG is fully competent and dedicated to serving mRNA vaccine companies with high purity PEG lipids. With comprehensive and advanced platforms, the company provides PEG derivatives and related products to customers worldwide to meet new drug delivery goals.



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