The Scope of Things: Jasmine Smith and Dr. Deborah Duong on the First Decentralized AI Longevity Research Network

By Brittany Wade 

June 7, 2022 | With the latest innovations in longevity medicine prohibitively expensive for most patients, Jasmine Smith, CEO, and Dr. Deborah Duong, CTO, of Rejuve.AI (Rejuve) help anyone achieve a healthy and extended lifespan regardless of economic standing. Rejuve is the world’s first decentralized artificial intelligence (AI) longevity research network that provides equitable health and wellness solutions. 

“We don’t have to look at advanced therapies like stem cells to see longevity inequality,” Smith tells Deborah Borfitz, Clinical Research News senior writer and host of the Scope of Things podcast. “We can see it in the normal diseases that people acquire.” Smith points to COVID as a recent example of how health disparities exist between specific demographics. 

Rejuve focuses on treatment accessibility, patient-centric research, data ownership, and fair labor in response to the current health and economic climate. Duong says equality is essential, and the Rejuve ecosystem allows every user to get an equitable share of labor profits. 

Contribution Economy  

Rejuve operates as an economy of data researchers and contributors who retain ownership of their data shared with longevity researchers. Contributors provide data by completing activities: taking a survey, getting lab tests, or developing an AI algorithm. In return, contributions are rewarded with discounts or a proportionate share of profits. Data is never sold or shared without consent. 

This economy is a clear departure from traditional modes of data ownership. Usually, mainstream companies own medical data in perpetuity and control data sharing. “In the data economy, medical information is often given away for free. Rejuve eliminates that,” says Duong. 

AI-Powered Research 

Two main AI components, base expert AI and GCN AI, facilitate crowdsourcing models to collect, store, and organize data. The third component—a hybrid method called a neuro-symbolic AI hyperon that mimics human biology—creates a multiresolution dynamic human body simulation. Therefore, Rejuve combines third-party and proprietary work to infer new longevity treatments. If community members contribute to research that informs those treatments, they receive compensation. 

The blockchain is a distributed ledger designed to keep patient data safe, ensure transparent data transactions, and maintain clear data ownership. “We’re creating an audit trail of what is done with data, how it's used, and to what degree,” says Smtih.  

“The blockchain supports a data economy,” adds Duong. “Contributors don’t have to wait for blockbuster drugs or new products to be completed for the money to flow.” 

Contributors receive coupons for product NFT shards when research challenges—a research goal or clinical trial end-point—are completed. With coupons, contributors become stakeholders and can sell up to half of their shares. When Rejuve products profit, contributors receive Rejuve tokens in proportion to their ownership stake. The tokens translate into deep discounts on longevity treatments like supplements, DNA test kits, lab tests, physician consultations, and treatments that emerge from the work at Rejuve. Additionally, stakeholders who choose to spend their tokens on a Rejuve treatment have the opportunity to contribute new data and earn additional tokens. Payments, where applicable, are protected under patents, so proportional compensation is mandatory. 

Rejuve is slated to become an independent entity by June 2022 but will continue working closely and collaboratively with its parent company, SingularityNET. Open invitations for closed beta testing will be announced on social media (i.e., Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn) and their website when the beta is released.  

Smith admits that there are challenges in bridging the world of cryptocurrency to mainstream data management. Partnership arrangements, advertising, affiliate marketing, and access to primed target markets incentivize company participation. Rejuve expects more extensive cryptocurrency adoption as regulatory bodies establish clear laws to combat criminal activity and produce educational materials on proper technology usage. 

In the meantime, Rejuve plans to hire more AI scientists, recruit medical professionals, partner with medical and educational institutions, and enhance app functionality for a faster, intuitive, and more enjoyable user experience. 

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