T,C&A Lab Offers Glass Testing to Reduce Risk and Validate Glass Performance

Glass has become an important material in building construction owing to their versatile properties such as transparency, sun protection and thermal insulation. T,C&A Lab, a branch of Alfa Chemistry and worldwide recognized as a reliable choice for analytical testing, recently announces to be capable of providing glass testing service according to ISO, ASTM standards or industry requirements.


It is of vital importance to know if the glass products used can meet fire protection requirements or maintain safe in other environmental exposure, including extreme temperature variations, ultraviolet radiation, and changes in humidity.


“With highly experienced technicians and state-of-the-art test equipment, our glass testing will test and measure the long-term mechanical performance of various glasses, covering architectural glass, industrial glass, and special glass such as wave soldering glass, oven glass, ultraviolet glass, optical glass,

and temperature-resistant and high-pressure glass,” says the Marketing Chief of T,C&A Lab.


T,C&A Lab’s glass testing is affordable and efficient, while at the same time offering the highest level of accuracy analysis report. The testing standards include but are not limited to: ASTM E2189, ASTM D2970, ASTM E708, ASTM F2154, ASTM C240, ASTM C1572, ASTM C1663, ASTM D3891, ASTM C1223, ASTM C1285, ASTM D578, ASTM D5359, ASTM D4029, ASTM D580, ISO 8424, ISO 1288, ISO/WD 23237, ISO 20492, ISO 29584, ISO 28278, ISO 9689, ISO 8533, ISO 8483, ISO 7432, ISO 10468, and ISO 20492.


More specifically, the glass testing services provided by T,C&A Labcover the following aspects:


Content analysis, which includes SiO2, metal oxide, alkaline oxide content, and more.


Physical properties, which include size, hardness, elastic modulus, and sound insulation coefficient.


Mechanical properties, which include tensile strength, brittleness, bending test, tensile test, impact stress, wind pressure resistance, etc.


Thermal properties, which include thermal expansion coefficient, thermal conductivity, and thermal stability.


Optical properties, which include transmittance, refractive index, shading coefficient, tinting power, hiding power, gloss, etc.


Electrical properties, which include conductivity, breakdown voltage or breakdown strength, insulation resistance, dielectric constant, etc.


Flame retardant performance, which includes Related to fire rating evaluation.


Aging performance, which includes anti-aging, weather resistance, etc.


Surface defect testing, which includes pits, scratches, dust, black spots, etc.


Safety performance requirements, which include heat resistance, moisture resistance, radiation resistance, falling ball impact peeling performance, shot bag impact performance.


In addition, T,C&A Lab also offers solutions for individual test requirements. Visit https://tcalab.alfa-chemistry.com/industries/glass-testing.html to learn more or contact us to discuss tailor-made services that you may need.


About T,C&A Lab

With accumulated experience on material testing, T,C&A Lab is an independent lab that provides custom testing, characterization and analysis for a variety of materials, including but are not limited to rubber, plastic, textile, metal, ceramic, glass, coating, wood, building material, automotive component, electronic, paper and cardboard, cosmetic, packaging, medical device, pharmaceutical, nanomaterial, nonwoven material, resin, leather, ink, adhesives and surfactant. The lab serves many industries. It is skillful in not only analytical testing services, but also in testing data interpretation and simulation with the use of advanced data analysis techniques.