Tesis Labs Announces Name Change to Tesis Biosciences

Tesis Labs Announces Name Change to Tesis Biosciences


The new name signifies its expanding focus on collaborative clinical research and

broader diagnostic capabilities


PHOENIX – November 16, 2021 – Tesis Biosciences, a leader in targeted genetic sequencing, announced its new company name – Tesis Biosciences, to reflect the organization’s increasing focus on advancing clinical research and diagnostic initiatives through collaborative relationships with important healthcare stakeholders.

Tesis Biosciences uses a genetically integrated medical platform for targeted genetic sequencing and comprehensive genetic data collection to support multiple medical specialties. The company partners with medical device and drug manufacturers to help them improve the likelihood of success for their clinical trials and provide them with better diagnostic outcomes. Tesis also works with hospitals, health systems, value-based care organizations, research organizations and others to offer next-generation genetic sequencing to improve patient care and quality outcomes.

“The move to Tesis Biosciences embodies our evolution and growth of our services beyond providing lab services to transforming medicine through advanced genetic testing, clinical research and collaborative relationships across healthcare,” said CEO Ron King. “While our scope and services expand, we continue to place the patient at the center of care.”

Tesis Biosciences supports physicians, hospitals and researchers with tools, including advanced genetic testing, to help patients overcome and prevent major chronic conditions such as cancer, heart, lung and Alzheimer’s disease. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 90% of the U.S.'s $3.8 trillion in annual spending on healthcare is for people with chronic diseases and mental health issues.

By providing hospitals and large physician groups with tailor-made diagnostics that accommodate their specific needs, Tesis Biosciences gathers valuable data that can be used for further clinical initiatives and research. The company has been expanding its lab facilities and capabilities to meet increased demand for clinical research, development, and diagnostics.

“Whether we’re working with drug and medical device companies trying to create better outcomes for their research and clinical trials or hospitals and physicians in need of targeted tests and quick turnarounds, Tesis Biosciences brings a holistic and integrated approach to its partnerships,” said Chief Science Officer and Medical Director Dr. Jonathan Stein. “By occupying this unique space in the healthcare ecosystem, biosciences can have a transformational impact on how we treat chronic diseases and improve population health.”

Tesis Biosciences, in addition to its existing operations in Colorado and Texas, will be opening its new state-of-the-art facility in Scottsdale, Ariz., in December.

For more information on Tesis Biosciences, visit www.tesisbiosciences.com.


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About Tesis Biosciences

Tesis Biosciences’ genetically integrated medical platform has revolutionized targeted genetic sequencing. Our mission is to change medicine by providing physicians, hospitals, and researchers with the tools to help patients treat and overcome major chronic conditions such as heart disease, lung disease and cancer, through advanced genetic testing. Tesis offers healthcare providers and physicians access to our unique genetic testing and precision medicine, enabling them to create personalized care plans for treating chronic diseases – individually and across generations. We also enable medical device companies and pharmaceuticals to bring new products to market and create a robust repository of genetic data and research. Visit tesisbiosciences.com to learn more.