Microbiosci Develops Competent Services to Support B. licheniformis Genome Editing

Microbiosci, the mature division of Creative Biogene, is dedicated to developing unique technologies to support global scientists with professional products and services in the field of microbial genome editing, identification, sequencing, proteomics and metabolomics etc. With the accumulated experience and professional team, Microbiosci recently announced the release of its B. licheniformis genome editing service to achieve gene knockout and gene insertion.

The B. licheniformis genome editing service provided by Creative Biogene is based on CRISPR/Cas9 technology and homologous recombination technology. Among them, CRISPR technology is derived from the immune system that exists in bacteria and archaea. It is an efficient genome-scale editing tool that has completely changed the traditional genetic engineering methods and promoted strain engineering as never before. It can perform fast and reliable genetic manipulation in Bacillus licheniformis. Two components are required to work: guide RNA (gRNA), such as under the RNA polymerase III promoter, and nuclear localization tag fusion DNA endonuclease, Cas9 is the most commonly used. When Cas9 protein and gRNA are expressed in bacterial cells, Cas9 introduces DSBs that must be repaired by the cell through non-homologous end joining (NHEJ) or homologous recombination (HR). By providing DNA repair templates for HR, various DNA modifications can be obtained.

The core step of Red/ET recombination is the crossover step between the targeting construct containing the homology arm and the target that can be the Bacillus licheniformis locus. The chromosome is designed to homologous fusion fragments of the target gene. Selection of insertion mutants by antibiotic screening. Then the mutants of this strain were obtained by PCR screening and sequencing. The project process developed by Microbiosci includes sgRNA design and construction, conversion, selection/filtering, and verification.

CRISPR-based Bacillus licheniformis genome editing in Microbiosci can be completed in a short turnaround period. Microbiosci can support scarless genome editing, multi-gene editing, that is, up to 3 genes can be knocked out at the same time, and there is no need for selection markers.

“Microbiosci provides customers with a wide range of genetic modification services, including gene knockout, point mutation, gene knock-in and replacement.” said Marcia Brady, the marketing director of Creative Biogene, she also added, “We have been committed to providing a one-stop microbial genome editing service with a high success rate and abundant species.”

About Microbiosci
Microbiosci, as the division of Creative Biogene, is always dedicated to satisfying the needs of clients covering more than 50 countries and districts. As a leading custom service provider in delivering medicine microbiology solutions, Microbiosci has become a well-recognized industry leader with years of experience and professional scientists.