Matexcel Offers Metallurgy Service for Research Use

Matexcel, a leading service provider in material science, with years of commitment to supplying better polymers, nanoparticles and other materials for worldwide customers from both academia and industry, now offers quality and comprehensive metallurgy service for research use.


Metals and alloys are widely used in personal electrical appliances and industrial instruments due to their excellent mechanical properties as well as conductivity and thermal conductivity. Among the different types of biomaterials, the favorable combination of high strength and fracture resistance afforded by metals ensures their reliable long-term implant performance in a predominantly load-bearing situation. The processing and composition of metals and alloys determine their microstructure and, in turn, their properties. For example, carbon steel (also known as low-carbon steel) can be used to make body parts because it is easily pressed into shape. Low carbon steels can be hardened by increasing carbon content. Another example is that tool steels contain tungsten, which can provide good resistance to high temperatures.


The metallurgy laboratory at Matexcel specializes in the processing and testing of different types of metals and alloys. Metallic and alloy services offered by Matexcel include:


Machining and Processing

At Matexcel, experienced machinists and versatile machines are ready to machine turned metal and alloy parts. With great knowledge and experience in different metal machining technologies, and its in-house mechanical polishing capabilities, Matexcel is ready to provide simple to complex precision machining services.


Surface Hardening

Matexcel conducts surface hardening treatment for all kinds of metals, including steel, aluminum, titanium, superalloy, composite, etc. Its scientists are experienced with all technologies, and provide relevant supporting research directions and batch production capability of surface hardening metallic products.


Metals Analysis

Matexcel provides trusted services and accurate results at metal’s composition, mechanical strength, corrosion, and failure analysis. Its analyzed metals include but not limited to: steel, carbon steels, tool steels, nickel alloys, aluminum alloys, cobalt alloys, titanium alloys, etc.


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