MedAI Launches Integrated Drug Discovery Approaches to Solve In Silico Drug Discovery Problems

On April 20, 2021, MedAI announces that it has launched integrated drug discovery approaches to help to solve in silico drug discovery challenges, such as problems arising from drug candidate compound screening, target profiling, compound structure scoring in de novo design, and other related calculations.

The past decade has seen the bigger role played by artificial intelligence in the different pharmaceutical application scenarios, such as the analysis of small molecules or antibodies. Being able to access industry standard hardware and software, MedAI manages to tap the full potential of compute power and apply it to tackle challenges from computational chemistry, molecular simulations, and chemical informatics so as to accelerate clients’ drug discovery projects.

“Our experts who are specialized in computer-aided drug design can work closely with our clients to design experiments and get the results they need to make wise decisions and advance the projects,” commented the Marketing Chief of MedAI.

The drug discovery services provided by MedAI include but are not limited to: Drug-Target Relationship Analysis, Drug-Drug Relationship Analysis, Drug-Disease Relationship Analysis, Drug Target Identification, Drug Combinations Analysis and Prediction, and Drug Database Searching.

The integrated drug discovery approaches enables the following attempts:

Drug Design (Structure-Based, Fragment-Based and Ligand-Based Approaches)

High-Throughput Virtual Screening

Chemical Compound Libraries Development

Protein Structure Modeling (Protein Homology, Biologics/Antibody, Pharmacophore)

Quantitative Structure Activity Relationships (QSAR, SAR Analysis and Development, 3D-QSAR service)

Chemical Informatics

Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Free Energy Calculations

Drug PK/PD Modeling

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About MedAI

Data science and AI are of existential importance to big pharma. Owing to the unparalleled expertise of a group of scientists, structural biologists, medical chemists, and machine learning experts, MedAI provides AI solutions to the pharma and biotechnology companies to enable streamlined R&D efforts. Its CADD Platform, AIDD Platform, Experimental Validation Platform have proved effects in shortening the research and development time of new drugs, reducing the cost of new drug research and development, and improving the success rate of new drug research and development.