Emergence of DCT Market: Shaping the Future Together

October 4th, 2021

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Webinar Description:

For the first time ever, Everest Group analyzed 15 Decentralized Clinical Trial (DCT) providers in its PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2021 to help sponsors evaluate the new and emerging market. In this roundtable discussion, we’ll sit down with Everest Group Practice Director, Chunky Satija, along with Medable Chief Executive Officer Michelle Longmire and Chief Growth Officer Sans Thakur, to discuss emerging market insights and how to best prepare your organization for the future. At the end of this discussion, you will learn:

  • How the DCT market landscape is evolving and what trends to look for in the future
  • What small, medium and large-sized companies should consider when defining their DCT strategy
  • Medable’s vision, market impact and capabilities relative to other industry providers
  • Key considerations for future-proofing your R&D organization

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