Visualize the Lab: Use Instrument and Process Insights to Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiency

(October 9, 2018) 

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Webinar Description:

As lab operations costs rise, so do pressures to reduce the cost and time to complete projects. Labs must become more proactive in order to succeed and scale.

To improve performance across the lab – lab managers must move from a retrospective view of past processes to near real-time performance monitoring. Yet this is near impossible with the diverse and disjointed myriad of equipment and instruments in use in global labs today. From aging databases to multiple LIMS systems to emerging IoT-enabled instruments, labs must be able gain a comprehensive view and intervene sooner.

Join this session to understand how Cognizant Lab Insights allows labs to centralize lab operations, while maintaining your existing investments and allowing adoption of newer technologies.

Discover how Cognizant® Lab Insights™ creates a better view of lab resource and process performance. Learn how data-driven decisions will help your lab:

  • Reduce bottlenecks and improve execution
  • Adopt IoT while preserving legacy equipment
  • Use process performance data to intervene and prevent experiment loss
  • Plan investments more accurately based on resource utilization and metrics

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how more timely access to resource and process performance drives better decisions
  • Discover how in-process intervention prevents experiment loss
  • See how equipment monitoring will prolong the life of existing investments and allow better purchase planning


Michael SkinnerMichael Skinner

Director of Product Sales, Cognizant Lab Insights


Michael Skinner has an extensive background in clinical trials processes and technology innovation projects. He recently became a Director of Product Sales at Cognizant, where he focuses on improving the efficiencies of labs utilizing IoT and visual analytics directed at asset resources as well as experimental processes. Leading the sales process for Lab Insights, he spends his time working with various laboratory leaders identifying ways to improve and streamline lab operations.

Arvind Naganathan RamakrishnanArvind Naganathan Ramakrishnan

Venture Leader, Cognizant Lab Insights


Arvind Naganathan Ramakrishnan has 20+ years experience in the pharmaceutical industry and extensive background in lab process and technology improvement projects. As a Venture Leader, he is able to focus on solving the issues he previously observed in his career in the industry. As Arvind leads the development of Cognizant Lab Insights, he spends a great portion of his time working with scientists, lab managers and partners across multiple types of labs finding ways to simplify the complex and critical processes they run and enabling digital adoption in the life sciences industry.

(October 9, 2018)