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PEGS Week 2023: Creative Biolabs Unveils the Agenda

May 12, 2023, 14:49 PM by
Creative Biolabs is ready for the PEGS Boston Summit, which will exhibit at booth 205 from May 15–19.
A researcher from Creative Biolabs said the company is ready to exhibit at the upcoming PEGS Summit, and they warmly welcome researchers from all over the world who are interested in learning more about the latest innovations in the fields of antibody and protein research to join them in Boston for those days and stop by booth 205.

The scientist stated, "As a returning exhibitor, we couldn't be more thrilled to return to PEGS for yet another year." PEGS is an annual serial event that brings together scientists from allied biotech fields for the purpose of networking and sharing ideas. Our scientists are ready to discuss every case we've solved, and we've put together booklets that explain some of our star services in exquisite detail. In the meantime, we have some souvenirs of appreciation for the guests that we hope will serve as a reminder of the heartfelt conversations we shared.

Creative Biolabs is a leading provider of antibody-based therapies because of its proficiency in antibody production, its extensive bank of antibody and peptide products, and its extensive experience in chemical conjugation strategies. Additionally, the company has introduced antibody conjugation solution that makes it possible to produce novel conjugates, such as bispecific antibody-drug conjugates, in which site-directed conjugations are carefully monitored and satisfactory DAR is achieved.

"We also plan to introduce our capabilities in insightful therapeutics like oncolytic virus therapy during our exhibition," added the scientist, "and our specials—OncoVirapy™ Platform that allow for oncolytic virus design, engineering, validation, and manufacture."

Other immunotherapy pathways that Creative Biolabs is actively pursuing range from CAR-T therapy and stem cell therapy to gene therapy. Supporting technology platforms include CellRapeuticsTM and STEMODTM, both of which are unique to Creative Biolabs and enable the company to assist clients all over the world in achieving their project objectives, with a particular emphasis on meeting customized requirements. With PEGS fast approaching, the delegates are making every effort to make their exhibition complete and impressive. Visit to learn more about the arrangement and book a slot to talk with them.

Creative Biolabs is a reliable CRO working in the biotechnology sector, contributing to the discovery of transformational therapeutics with diverse working mechanisms, including targeted therapy, gene therapy, and cell therapy. A group of scientific staff will present at global conferences or industry intensive forums in 2023, including PEGS, the CSHL Stem Cell Symposium, and the 2023 BIO International Convention.