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Elligo Health Research Opens New, Larger Clinical Research Center in Austin

May 5, 2023, 16:32 PM by
Elligo Health Research®, the largest healthcare-enabling research organization, has opened its new clinical research center in Austin, Texas.

Elligo Health Research®, the largest healthcare-enabling research organization, has opened its new clinical research center in Austin, Texas. This new center, which was previously located at Elligo’s Austin headquarters, is three times larger than the original space — increasing capabilities and capacity to offer more clinical research options for patients and physicians in Austin and the surrounding communities.

Faith Holmes, M.D., Medical Director, Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs at Elligo, and one of the lead investigators at the center said, “Only by clinical trials and research participation is it possible to find new and innovative therapies, but participation and accessibility is still a huge challenge. The more we can do to make research easily accessible and comfortable increases the chance for increased patient participation and diverse participation. This larger center and new location expands local options for trials in addition to research Elligo enables through other healthcare settings.”

The larger space at the new clinical research center will not only facilitate improved patient flow as well as additional patient volume, but also:

  • The new location (3508 South Lamar Blvd., Suite 300) is more accessible to patients, which is along Lamar and Highway 290 and on bus routes
  • It’s located closer to many medical offices to support local physicians in collaborating as principal investigator or sub-investigator
  • The increased space supports additional services and features, including spirometry and infusion rooms
  • There are more opportunities through the Elliregistry study for individuals new to research to get results at the center that they can then take to their own doctors, plus earn a small stipend; this includes getting results for medical history, an EKG and pulmonary function test, and some basic lab work — chemistry, complete blood count, hemoglobin A1C, and lipid levels

The team at Elligo’s clinical research center has over 50 years of clinical research experience that enables participants and healthy volunteers to support many advances in medicine through clinical trial participation. This center supports Phase II, III, and IV clinical studies, in addition to diagnostic and device studies, to help find new treatments and therapies, more effective treatments than previously available, disease prevention therapies, new and/or improved medical devices, and new diagnostic tests. 

Visit for more information about the center and local physician collaboration opportunities, where you can also find a list of current studies available.

About Elligo Health Research®

Elligo Health Research accelerates clinical trials through direct access to known, diverse patients from more than 115 hospitals and major health systems, 200 healthcare-based sites, and 100 research-based sites, leveraging EHR data and utilizing our proprietary IntElligo® technology. Our PatientSelect® model engages our network of networks to optimize the intersection of healthcare and research and bring more patients clinical research as a care option. Elligo’s SiteSelect model and Research Partner Services enable sites to seamlessly participate in trials, further advancing the development of new pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device and diagnostic products.