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BOC Sciences Reports Strong Capabilities of CDMO Operations

May 5, 2023, 16:32 PM by
BOC Sciences, one of the front-runners in chemical material manufacturing and custom services for the full drug product lifecycle, today reported strong growth over the past year in its expanded contract development and manufacturing (CDMO) platform.

BOC Sciences, one of the front-runners in chemical material manufacturing and custom services for the full drug product lifecycle, today reported strong growth over the past year in its expanded contract development and manufacturing (CDMO) platform.


Competition in the pharmaceutical market is fierce, so leveraging CDMO as a partner for strategic execution is critical. The rapidly growing market also demands a shift in capacity and a focus on smaller niche populations.


The main task of BOC Sciences is to combine the world's leading chemical development technologies with advanced GMP manufacturing facilities to promote future drug discovery. Its extensive drug development solutions include laboratory-scale R&D, process route design, process optimization, and scale-up, which can support technology transfer from research to commercial scale, as well as GMP manufacturing.


More information about its CDMO capabilities was also detailed in the newly released report. The excerpt is demonstrated in 4 aspects:

Development and manufacturing of raw materials, registered starting materials (RSMs), APIs, and intermediates from 1 kg to 1,000 kg;

Fermentation CDMO: 22 fermentation lines plus fermentors supporting 100,000 liters of large-scale fermentation

Complete downstream equipment for high-standard quality control and assurance

Refined technology transfer process and comprehensive risk management system


BOC Sciences' CDMO platform also has world-class facilities that should not be overlooked. 4 R&D and scale-up labs, 2 preparative purification labs, 7 production lines at pilot scale, 100+ reactors of 20 L-2,000 L for reactions, and other main equipment, all in combination contribute to its success in the CDMO industry.


As for novel drug developers, it can be very challenging and cumbersome to transition drug development to a CDMO without a professional project management system. The BOC Sciences team, with top-class communication experience and frequent adjustments to customer requirements, helps ensure smooth knowledge transfer.


"We bring recognized expertise in both development and manufacturing, with advanced technological capabilities, innovative approaches, and agile business models to overcome development hurdles and speed customers' drugs to market, no matter what challenges may arise," the chief researcher of BOC Sciences confidently promised.


More details about BOC Sciences' CDMO abilities are available at



BOC Sciences is a group of chemists, technicians, and creatives who work together to custom-manufacture ingredients. Its skilled staff is dedicated to guiding processes from the laboratory bench through full-scale plant construction and commercial production. Its toolbox of chemistry always provides the finest tailor-made solutions with high-quality standards.