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CCD specialist, Atik Cameras launches the TE-77 advanced scientific solution, using new CCD technology from Teledyne e2v

Jan 6, 2022, 17:05 PM by
Atik Cameras has launched the first in its advanced imaging solutions, the TE-77 CCD sensor.

Atik Cameras invests in new CCD sensor technology to create an advanced scientific and industrial imaging solution, using the Teledyne e2v CCD77-00 sensor

Norwich, UK – (13 December 2021) – Life Science Newswire – Atik Cameras, a specialist designer and manufacturer of scientific and industrial imaging solutions, has launched the first in its advanced imaging solutions, investing in new CCD (charged coupled device) technology.


The TE-77 paves the way for an exciting new series of advanced performance, scientific imaging cameras, capable of remarkable sensitivity.


This impressive CCD sensor boasts large square pixels of 24 µm2, over a 12.3 mm2 sensor area.  Coupled with reliable cooling delta of -60°C, this camera achieves incredibly low read noise, enabling detection of the faintest signals. Furthermore, the deep full well depth of 300,000 e- full well (600,000 e- summing well) means there is minimal saturation when imaging, revealing exceptional detail. It is perfect for the most demanding applications such as chemiluminescence, fluorescence, spectroscopy, microscopy, and bioluminescence. The design and engineering of the TE-77 complements this advanced sensor from Teledyne e2v perfectly.


What sets Atik Cameras apart is the collaborative customisation service offered with each solution. The TE-77 can be supplied with a wide range of bespoke options including the choice to add a 45mm, bi-stable high speed scientific shutter, capable of 20.0 millisecond opening times. The case can be adapted to suit specific requirements or supplied as a simple PCB board set solution. Atik provides a comprehensive software development kit, complete with expert integration assistance from the in-house engineering team. In addition, all production takes place in Atik’s ISO-9001 accredited, European manufacturing facilities. 


Atik Cameras director Dr Panos Kapetanopoulos commented, ‘The TE-77 heralds an exciting new chapter for Atik Cameras, as the company builds on its extensive scientific imaging expertise to develop a highly advanced camera series, suitable for the most challenging of applications.’  


More information can be found on the Atik Cameras website TE-77 - Atik Cameras (

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