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Functional Polymer News: Alfa Chemistry Launches Photoactive Polymers for Organic Photovoltaics Research

Jun 4, 2021, 11:40 AM by

Alfa Chemistry announced it would start to supply photoactive polymers, which could be used for organic photovoltaics research. The company has specialized in functional polymers since last year. Together with previously released polymer products, now the company is able to provide adsorptive polymers, biomedical polymers, electrofunctional polymers, functional PEGs, etc.

Photoactive polymers have stimuli-responsive effects and they have attracted great interest owing to their fine shape deformability and shape memory characteristics. A commonly seen photoactive polymer is polyurethane and many other types of polymers such as ferroelectric polymers, liquid crystalline polymers, and ionic polymer-metal composite also have photoactive properties.

One major application of photoactive polymers is that they can serve as attractive semi­conductors for photovoltaic cells because they are strong absorbers and can be deposited on flexible substrates at low cost. In addition, they have also found potential applications in many other fields, such as aerospace, textile industry, sensors, drug delivery systems. With the advances of modern technology, some new platforms and technologies can be used to design and synthesis innovative photoactive polymers.

The photoactive polymers provided at Alfa Chemistry are widely ranged and can be used for different research purposes. Just to name a few here: Poly(3-hexylthiophene-2,5-diyl) (CAS 104934-50-1), Poly(2,6-naphthalenevinylene)(CAS 124825-04-3), Orange light-emitting PPV copolymer (CAS 1351337-33-1), Red light-emitting spiro-copolymer (CAS 1365250-36-7), MEH-PPV(CAS 138184-36-8), Super yellow light-emitting PPV copolymer (CAS 26009-24-5), Poly(p-phenylene vinylene)(CAS 26009-24-5), PFN-DOF (CAS       673474-75-4), etc.

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