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BOC Sciences Provides Ultra-sensitive Cyanine Dyes for Biofluorescence Labeling

Jun 4, 2021, 11:40 AM by

In order to further promote scientific research in environmental, biomedical and other fields, BOC Sciences has recently updated its product list to provide ultra-sensitive commercial cyanine dyes.


With the rapid development of fluorescence technology, fluorescence detection and fluorescence imaging based on organic fluorescent dyes have been widely used in many research fields such as biological probes and biological tissue staining. Cyanine dyes are fluorescent nucleic acid dyes. Because of its unique conjugated skeleton structure, more modifiable sites, tunability of absorption and emission wavelengths (from visible light to near-infrared region), large molar extinction coefficient and high fluorescence quantum yield, cyanine dyes are widely used in biofluorescence labeling. Cyanine dyes have become the main fluorescent probes used in the analysis and detection of DNA, proteins and nucleic acids.


Cy3 / Cy3.5 / Cy5 / Cy5.5 / Cy7 / Cy7.5

Cy means cyanine. Most non-sulfonated cyanine dyes have low water solubility, and organic co-solvents must be added when labeling biomolecules in an aqueous environment. Cyanine dyes are the most commonly used near-infrared fluorescent dyes. Cy7 NHS ester, Cy5.5 amine and Cy3 azide have very low background absorption in the near-infrared region and are the most stable long-wavelength dyes with the highest fluorescence intensity.


Sulfo-Cy3 / Sulfo-Cy3.5 / Sulfo-Cy5 / Sulfo-Cy5.5 / Sulfo-Cy7 / Sulfo-Cy7.5

Sulfonated cyanine dyes have high water solubility and can label biomolecules in pure water environments without the use of organic cosolvents. The sulfo functional group in the dye structure can promote the solubility of the dye molecule in water and reduce the degree of polymerization. The dye molecule can well label the conjugate.


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About BOC Sciences

BOC Sciences is a biotechnology company with high-end technical strength, advanced management level and perfect market sales system, providing users with professional cutting-edge information, complete products and high-quality logistics services. It can provide a series of cyanine dyes at a competitive price, which can be used for the labeling of DNA, proteins, nucleic acids and other biomolecules, fluorescence imaging and other fluorescence biological analysis. In addition to cyanine dyes, it can also provide coumarin, bodipy, rhodamine and fluorescein dye products. The company's products are currently used in more than 160 countries/regions.