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MicrobioSeq Releases Microecology and Cancer Solutions to Accelerate Your Cancer Research and Discovery

Apr 5, 2021, 14:49 PM by

MicrobioSeq is the microbial genomics division of CD Genomic, which is a genomics service company with a good reputation for providing reliable microbial sampling products, microbial testing services, microbial genomics services, and integrated bioinformatics services. With years of experience in the pharmaceutical and life science sector, the MicrobioSeq division has recently upgraded its microecology and cancer solutions.


Microorganisms are related to various malignant tumors of humans, such as colorectal cancer, liver cancer and gastric cancer. They can affect the onset, development and even treatment of cancer. On the one hand, microorganisms can affect the pharmacokinetics of drugs. On the other hand, microorganisms that resident in human body can affect the local or even distant immune system. The link between microorganisms and cancer is complex and close. For example, studies have shown that intestinal pathogenic bacteria can promote cell proliferation, while intestinal symbiotic bacteria can protect the human body from the growth of tumor cells. In some cases, intestinal pathogens that stimulate tumors may have completely opposite effects on another tumor.


The microbiota not only plays an important role in the occurrence and development of tumors, but also provides insights into targeted cancer treatments. CD Genomics uses next-generation sequencing, third-generation high-throughput sequencing, PCR-DGGE and other methods to measure the DNA of microorganisms in samples, and processes large amounts of data through bioinformatics analysis to reveal the types, relative abundance, and evolutionary relationships of microorganisms. And provide analysis of functional characteristics and approaches. In addition, the company can also provide real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR methods to quantitatively study microbial populations, explore microbial diversity, and study the relationship between microbes and cancer microecology.


“Microbial sequencing and bioinformatics analysis can help explore the role of microorganisms in cancer development. We help clarify the underlying mechanism of microbial regulation of the host immune response, reveal the complex relationship between the microbiota and the development of tumors, and may help discover new tumor diagnostic or prognostic biomarkers. On the other hand, microorganisms can be used as drug delivery vehicles for the treatment of cancer. Changing the microbial flora may cause various downstream reactions that can prevent cancer or promote the therapeutic effect of various anti-tumor therapies. We provide a series of microbial genomics technologies that can be used to develop precise tumor treatment plans.” said the marketing supervisor of CD Genomics.


What can CD Genomics’s microecology and cancer solutions do?

1. Determine the microbial diversity and richness in the tumor microecology;

2. Quantify certain microorganisms in tumor microecology;

3. Evolution analysis, functional characterization and pathway analysis;

4. Predict the relationship between microorganisms and tumor occurrence and development.


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About MicrobioSeq Divison of CD Genomics

MicrobioSeq represents the microbial genomics division of CD Genomics headquartered in New York, USA. Through years of efforts, CD Genomics has been an internationally leading provider of microbial sampling products, microbial testing services, microbial genomics services, and integrated bioinformatics services for hospitals, food, diagnostics, pharma, agriculture, biotechnology, and research institutes.