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Optogenetics Services Now Available at Profacgen

Sep 1, 2020, 13:40 PM by

As a world leading protein service provider, Profacgen offers a diverse range of analytical reagents as well as services to assure efficient and economical characterization of its customers’ proteins. Recently, Profacgen released a set of optogenetics services, providing its customers the precise analysis and regulation of neural circuits and get insight into the treatment of neuropsychiatric diseases.


Optogenetics is a multidisciplinary technology integrating optics, software control, gene operation technology, electrophysiology, etc. Its main principle is to first use gene operation technology to transfer light perception genes (such as ChR2, eBR, NaHR3.0, Arch or OptoXR, etc.) into specific types of cells in the nervous system for the expression of special ion channels or GPCRs. Photosensitive ion channels will have selectivity for the passage of cations or anions, such as Cl-, Na+, H+, K+, respectively, under light stimulation at different wavelengths, resulting in changes in the membrane potential on both sides of the cell membrane and achieving the purpose of selective excitation or inhibition of cells. In 2010, optogenetics was selected by Nature Methods as one of the "most concerned scientific and technological achievement technologies." This technology can be applied to the treatment of a variety of neurological disorders, such as epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, chronic pain, depression, and addiction.


At Profacgen, two types of photosensitive proteins can be provided: activated and inhibited, which can cause neurons to excite or inhibit.


“We have a team of highly skilled, aggressive employees with a highly specialized scientific background, and we focus on innovative technologies to provide customers with a range of optogenetic services. With our in-house optogenetic imaging system, we can provide customers with precise analysis and modulation of neural circuits and insight into treatments for neuropsychiatric disorders.”


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