Patient Engagement Apps – Help or Hype?

(October 17, 2019)

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Webinar Description:

Improved outcomes. Medication adherence. Meaningful engagement. These are just some of the promises of patient engagement apps marketed as groundbreaking and innovative. But do they live up to the hype? This webinar will tackle the belief that new mobile apps always provide an improved and more engaged patient experience.

The webinar will provide an exclusive first-hand look at the findings from BBK’s Study Voices, Volume 3 survey which examines patient, physician, and study sponsor attitudes towards patient engagement apps. It will explore survey findings that reveal insights on app usage, preferred features, satisfaction levels, and much more! It will shed light on the ongoing debate of whether technology or content is more important for engagement, and it will provide guidance on where to invest for maximum benefit.

Data presented will empower clinical trial sponsors with insight to help them evaluate new apps and determine the best strategic approach for clinical trial engagement success.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to evaluate apps for cost-effective patient and site engagement efforts.
  • Learn how to strategically invest in a fusion of technology and content for maximum results.
  • Gain the patient’s perspective on what makes a compelling engagement app.


Fleishman_AaronAaron Fleishman

Director, Market Development

BBK Worldwide

As Director of Market Development for BBK Worldwide, a company committed to enhancing the patient experience, Aaron creates and deploys innovative strategies that generate awareness and engagement surrounding clinical research. He has championed the use of mobile apps for driving healthcare consumer education and study participant engagement. He has been integral to the clinical research industry’s defining best practices for the utilization of social media for recruitment, retention, and the overall patient experience – best practices that are now universally utilized by recruitment professionals.

Aaron’s passion for finding innovative solutions to longstanding clinical trial enrollment challenges led to the launch of BBK’s Study Voices in 2018 — an ongoing research initiative that brings together the voices of patients, physicians, and study sponsors on topics ranging from patient engagement to cutting-edge technology.

(October 17, 2019)